5 Reasons Why the iPad 2 Sucks as a Digital Camera

The iPad 2 provides a huge advantage over its predecessor by providing a front and back facing camera that makes it possible to use the new iPad as a digital camera – but don’t do it. Following are five reasons why the iPad 2 won’t replace your camera.

It’s Frickin’ Huge

If you were to compare the iPad 2 to an actual digital camera, one of the first most noticeable differences that you’d spot is the huge size difference. A digital camera can easily fit in a pocket, bag, or be carried around by hand, but the iPad is about as large as 6 digital cameras and is less portable, harder to hold when taking pictures, and is overall just way too darn huge.

The Quality Leaves a Lot to Be Desired

The average digital camera costs a lot less than the iPad 2, but even still, they’re way more capable of producing more HD photos than the iPad 2 can. Apple never released the actual specs of the front and back cameras on their latest tablet, but it’s been tested as less than 2 megapixels while the average digital camera boasts around 10 megapixels – 10 times that of the iPad 2.

You’ll Be Putting Your iPad at Huge Risks

There’s a reason that although millions of people own iPad 2s you just don’t see that many people walking down the streets using them as cameras – and that’s because using it as a camera can lead to huge risks. One of the first risks that come to mind when using an iPad 2 as a digital camera is that it looks all too easy to drop and smash to bits and pieces, but by exposing your tablet out in the open public you might also be putting yourself at risk of being robbed.

You’ll Look Absolutely Ridiculous

If you use your iPad 2 as a digital camera in the open public, lots of people using regular digital cameras will have something new and ridiculous to snap a photo of; you. Holding an iPad up to take a picture of something can only result in you looking like a “tool”, braggart, “dbag”, or complete nerd [and not in a good way].

It’s Just Way Too Impractical

Aside from being huge, putting yourself at the risk of robbers, how stupid you’d look, and the inferior camera quality of the iPad 2, using the iPad to take pictures as a digital camera is just way too impractical. Trying to hold up a tablet while also trying to press the snapshot button will only result in dropping the tablet and even if you manage to actually take a picture it’ll likely be ruined by the time you actually take the picture.