5 Reasons to Switch Auto Insurance Providers

Every driver must have an auto insurance policy with one company or another. Of course, some drivers are on their parent’s plan or whatever. Finding the perfect auto insurance company is pretty difficult, so it isn’t rare for a person to switch companies every so often for one reason or another. There are a few reasons that a person would want to and should change providers. With that in mind, here are a few reasons to switch auto insurance providers.

1. Another company is offering you a much better rate.
If you talk to a few different companies, then you may be able to get an offer for a better rate than you currently pay. Obviously, most companies do this to obtain new customers. You should consider such offers from companies that are willing to lock in a lower rate for a certain amount of guaranteed time. Either way, you should go with a new provider if it is offering actual savings of at least $500 per year. Without a doubt, you will want actual quotes if you call another auto insurance provider, so don’t fall for promised offers that don’t have some guarantee behind them.

2. Your current provider is difficult to file and complete claims with.
Undoubtedly, you shouldn’t have to put up with an auto insurance provider that doesn’t treat you well. Poor customer service and a difficult claims process are both warning signs that your provider doesn’t care too much about its customers. In such a case, you will want to change providers right away to find one that actually wants you to get your claims and concerns taken care of promptly. The difference between a good auto insurance provider and a bad one can when it comes to claims processes can make a huge difference. You want to be treated well, so you should go to a company that will give you the best service.

3. You have different insurance policies with other companies.
For most auto insurance providers, you can get other policies too, including home, boat, and others. Many companies will give you an overall discount on your total annual premiums when you bundle your policies together with that business. If you have tons of other policies with a particular company, but your auto insurance isn’t with that provider, then you should consider making a switch. In the long run, you can save a few hundred dollars per year or more by doing this. That’s worth the switch right there!

4. The current provider is always hiking your rates.
There is no benefit to sticking with a company that is constantly raising your annual premiums. On that note, you shouldn’t stick with a company that unreasonably raises your rates. An occasional premium increase is common, but the company might just be gouging you if you see a regular increase without warrant. Normally, a company will let you know a few months in advance of any increases. Don’t stick around with a provider that isn’t giving you anything in return for increased premiums.

5. Some other company offers better incentives and discounts.
Certain insurance providers offer big discounts for certain types of drivers. For instance many companies will offer a discount or rebate check for drivers who go an entire year without an accident or speeding ticket. Discounts may be offered for insuring multiple vehicles and other situations. Such discounts and rebates are a great source for saving extra money on an annual auto insurance policy. In fact, a company that offers enough discounts that you qualify for is worth switching to in many cases.

It’s not easy finding a great auto insurance provider!
The majority of policy owners switch providers from time to time. Sometimes, lucky individuals will be able to find a company right away that they love and stick with for years. Still, there are tons of different situations where a person can benefit from changing auto insurance companies. Your current company might not be that great, so today could be the perfect day for finding a new one that provides better service, rates, or whatever else!

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