5 Reasons to Dissolve the EPA

The EPA is a waste of money. Actually, they’re a huge waste of tax-payer money. Here are five reasons why we should get rid of the EPA and spend our tax dollars on something more critical to the survival of our great, but languishing and deeply indebted, constitutional republic:

1. The EPA should be dissolved because it is unconstitutional. No where in the Constitution does it say the US government should have the right to create and maintain an Environmental Protection Agency. The Constitution says that we should have a Post Office and a Military, but not an agency dedicated to the destruction of the free-market via extreme regulations and high taxes on job-producing corporations.

2. The US government is broke. Even if we did like what the EPA stood for, and even if we believed that what they were doing actually benefited us in someway, we still can’t afford to pay for them. It’s too costly. Right now, we can’t even pay for the entitlement programs that do function in a way that provides some modicum of benefit to US citizens (SS). So the EPA is, at the end of the day, an expendable government body because we can’t afford it.

3. As mentioned, the EPA doesn’t provide any tangible benefits to US citizens. Everything they stand for, and everything they do, is geared toward fighting perceived and fabricated threats, for example, Global Warming. Right now the EPA is spending billions of tax-payer dollars to fight a phenomenon that isn’t even happening. The EPA is wasting our money.

4. We can police ourselves, we don’t need a government agency breathing down our necks. The EPA is unnecessary because we can police ourselves when it comes to the environment. If my neighbor makes a mess on my lawn, I’ll make him clean it up. If he refuses to comply, then we’ll have some words and the matter will be settled one way or another. End of story. Our environment works the same way. If some one messes it up, we can force them to clean it up. We don’t need over-paid bureaucrats to do our job.

5. The EPA is run by a bunch of liberal-progressives who believe in a leftist, statist, agenda. If the EPA was an impartial body, or an apolitical entity, then maybe I could entertain a hypothetical argument for its existence, but as we all know, it’s not. The EPA, like NPR, is filled with liberal-progressives and radical environmentalists who believe plants and animals have civil rights on par with humans. They reject the idea that God has given us Dominion over all flora and fauna. In short, the EPA stands against God.