5 Reasons I Love My Amazon Kindle

Are you up in the air about whether or not to purchase a Kindle? I was too, until a friend gave me an Amazon Kindle for Christmas. Since then, hardly a day goes by that I don’t put my Kindle to good use.

I can think of 5 good reasons that I enjoy my Kindle and why you might enjoy owning one, too.

I love my Kindle because thousands of books are available for easy and quick download. There are no more trips to the bookstore, no waiting for a book to be returned to the library until I get my turn. Now, if I want a book I can have it, at up to half price, on the day of release. This really makes it easy to keep up with best selling books, enabling me to stay well read.

Owning a Kindle cuts down on clutter for book lovers. If you are a bibliophile you definitely need to own a digital book reader. I know first hand how books can stack up around you, overrun your bookshelves, and grow in heaps and piles around your feet. Kindle does away with stacks of books. Thousands of books can be stored on your Kindle. If you need even more room, which is almost unimaginable, you can delete books from your Kindle. The good news is that you don’t lose the books. They are held in your Amazon Kindle account and can be reloaded for free on your Kindle at any time.

There are hundreds of free books on Amazon for your Kindle. You can find most any classic novel for free download on your Kindle. I’ve breezed through more than two dozen classics since owning my Kindle. But free books for your e-reader are not limited to classics. Many authors will test market their books for free or issue the first book in a series for free download. These are books that normally sell for $10 or more, but as a Kindle owner, who browses the free books available for download on Amazon.com you have an opportunity to read these books first and read them free.

The portability of Kindle makes it perfect for people on the go. First, the Kindle is light and small enough that you can carry it with you wherever you go. Whether you are traveling or running around looking for reading breaks throughout the day the Kindle is perfect. You can’t lose your place and you don’t have to worry with bookmarks. Kindle will save your place and even cut itself off to preserve your battery if you are away from the book for too long.

I can finally read at the gym. I spend a lot of time at the gym. I enjoy long cardio workouts. Reading a book at the gym is almost next to impossible. Since I own a Kindle I have found an alternative to listening to mindless music while working out. I take my Kindle, prop it on the cardio equipment and read. A big benefit of the Kindle is that you can cut it on audio so that it will read to you. Granted, the voice is computerized, but when you are trying to read through a book on deadline, or review a book you have previously read it is a great to have the book read to you. The pages auto-turn along with the reader, so you can read along if you want to. This feature is especially helpful when doing cardio like jogging on the treadmill, because it is hard to keep your place.

I’m not sure how long I would have waited to try a Kindle on my own. Now that I have one, I wouldn’t want to live without it. I absolutely love it. If you are wavering in your decision to buy a Kindle, I would say go ahead and buy a Kindle, or other e-reader. You will not regret the decision.