5 Reasons Ashton Kutcher Will Be Great Replacement for Charlie Sheen

Ashton Kutcher the replacement for Charlie Sheen? Some critics will be quick to point out that Kutcher is a horrible replacement for Sheen on “Two and a Half Men.” I tend to look at things from the other perspective. First of all, Kutcher isn’t replacing Charlie Sheen. Kutcher is filling a hole that is empty. Without Kutcher or another replacement, there is no “Two and a Half Men.” The show, without Sheen, was dead in the water. The fact that CBS is prepared to put someone in the place of Sheen is a sign of the commitment to a show that many thought was completely dead.

Will the show be the same without Sheen? Absolutely not. CBS would be crazy to try to make it strikingly similar. Kutcher brings a new dynamic to the table. There were many possible replacements but I think CBS actually landed a very good fill for the oft absent Sheen. Only time will tell if Kutcher brings new fans, salvages old ones and more importantly secures good ratings. With that in mind, I think CBS did an absolutely great job at picking someone to fill the void.
In fact, here are my five reasons why Ashton Kutcher is the perfect replacement for Charlie Sheen.

1) Kutcher is younger and more enthusiastic
Kutcher won’t make the writers of the show continuously go back to the drawing board when they toss out ideas. You kind of get this feeling that Kutcher will be willing to try more things than Sheen would allow. The willingness and enthusiasm Kutcher might bring to the table will allow the show to expand in different aspects than perhaps it was ever allowed to.

2) Kutcher has a solid television sitcom resume
Kutcher was the standout star of “That 70’s Show.” You can say what you want about the others who developed on “That 70’s Show,” but it was Kutcher who emerged as the primary entity from that show. Kutcher landed movie roles, the show “Punked” on MTV and various other jobs because he was seen as the go to guy from that show. Who else from the show besides Mila Kunis has garnered as much attention or fame? Kutcher is a popular guy and he didn’t get there because he unable to make people laugh. The bottom line is he will bring a whole new set of fans to the show and could possibly salvage some old fans.

3) Kutcher will attract female viewers
Kutcher fits the role of being cast as a man who gets the ladies. It just makes sense that someone as attractive as Kutcher would land the role on “Two and a Half Men.” He’ll undoubtedly bring female audiences to the show.

4) Kutcher will mesh well with Jon Cryer
I think Kutcher will fit quite well with Cryer. I think the two will play off one another in a fashion that perhaps we never witnessed between Sheen and Cryer. I’m definitely not saying it will be better-because only time will tell that. I do, however, feel that Kutcher will not be the cause of any tension and a good working environment could mean really great things for the CBS sitcom.

5) Kutcher will provide slapstick to the show
Kutcher has always been rock solid in doing the slapstick comedy. I think his ability to play a Dick Van Dyke type on “Two and a Half Men” will open doors to new plots and more outlandish comedy. Kutcher won’t be afraid to pull off stunts and could perhaps be a better improviser than Sheen. In short, I think Kutcher will bring a more animated, enthusiastic and clumsy appeal to the role in the show when he replaces Charlie Sheen.

These are five reasons I think Ashton Kutcher will be a great replacement for Charlie Sheen. The ultimate challenge will be whether or not the writers of the show can bend to make an Ashton Kutcher type work. I would expect Kutcher would be quite hands on to make the transition work. The ratings for the first few shows will probably be astronomical considering how much publicity the show will get leading up to the new premiere with Kutcher. The show will inevitably have an opportunity to make a mark in the first few weeks with Kutcher aboard. What the writers of the show do with that extra amount of exposure will certainly be crucial as to whether the show survives or faces an impending doom.