5 Questions to Ask During a Job Interview

While conducting job interviews with potential employees for positions lately I have found there are some good questions you should ask before hiring.

1. In what position are you most interested?
Do not mention to them the title; you have given them or the recruiter. I asked if the candidate wanted to work as a DBA Developer or did they want to work as a DBA Administrator. I was just trying to get my other questions ready to ask. The candidate said they did not want to work as a DBA Developer, which was the position we were looking to hire. If this question had been asked on the telephone it would have saved the candidate, recruiter, and the interviewers wasted time asking more questions.

2. What would you like to be doing in five years?
I know this is a common question however the reason for this question is to see if they already have plans to leave the job you are about to give them. If they however simply want to move up in the position you are about to give them then this is okay to hear.

3. What experience in your jobs will help you here?
Get them to explain what they have done. Make sure you point out what they have said in their resume. Ask them to explain how to do what they say they have done in their resume. You will find that those who have done what their resume say that they have will be able to answer the question with ease.

4. What do you think makes you a good candidate for this position?
Make sure they give you a few answers to this question. You are not trying to make them nervous instead; you are trying to get them to give you a feel for them as a candidate.

5. How could your job performance most improve?
This is where you want them to tell you about where they could get better. You could also ask what you plan to do to improve. This also will help you see if they are going to come to work and be a just be another laborer or going to be a worker. Someone who is taking time to continue to improve his or her abilities will be a better choice. This kind of person wants to grow and will help the company and the company agenda grow.

Even after these questions during the job interview remember, there is a feel for a candidate that after asking these questions will help you decide if you are hiring the best person for the job. Do not let your feelings get in the way and hire someone just because you feel sorry for them. This will only hurt them when they have to be let go because they cannot do the job. They might survive the job interview and work at the job but be unhappy with their hiring.

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