5 Products Inspired by Facebook

Facebook is a great website to socialize and to promote yourself or products. Many games and other applications have come to Facebook. However, not only have people been inspired to use Facebook for promotion, Facebook has also inspired them to make products. Here are five products inspired by Facebook.


Those “share” icons are almost everywhere on the Internet. If you like a page or a video, all you have to do is find where it says to share it and then click on the correct icon for the social network where you are going to share the item. The icons are usually well-known and it is easy to spot the Facebook icon with the white lowercase F on a blue background with a light blue line. This was a perfect design for a pillow, so somebody created it!

Like/Dislike Stamps

One of the things to do on Facebook is let people known when you like something by clicking a link or button that says “like.” A small white thumbs up icon accompanies the action of “liking” something. The company Jailbreak Collective decided to mark Like and Dislike stamps. The Like stamp looks the same as Facebook’s like. The Dislike stamp is similar, but it has a thumbs down and says “dislike.”


Facebook allows people to tell everybody how they are feeling or what just happened. While a person could tell everybody that he or she passes how he or she is feeling, it would be difficult. The Facebook shirt has a special spot that can be written on with washable markers so a “status update” can be shared with the world. UpdateMeTee made this possible.

USB Mailbox Alerts

It would seem that it is easy enough to check e-mail and Facebook updates by going to the websites when there is time for going to the websites. However, some people want to know when an update occurs. The USB Mailbox Alert goes into a USB drive and lights up when there is an action with any e-mail account or Facebook account linked to the USB device. It is appropriately shaped like a mailbox.


Adidas created the Facebook shoe. The blue and white colors would seem to make it obvious it is a Facebook shoe, especially because of the striped pattern. If that is not enough, the shoes do say “facebook” on a field of blue near the heel. However, even more goes into the shoe as inside each shoe is a logo from Facebook.


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