5 Pranks that Are Easy to Play on Your Friends

Playing pranks on friends is a great way to get a lot of laughs. Even setting up the prank with your friends can send everyone into a fit of laughter. Here is a list of the five best pranks to play on someone.

Make them hold a bowl of water up to the ceiling.

In this prank, fill up a bowl of water and have a friend help you by holding the bowl up to the ceiling while you put a broom stick underneath it to hold it up. After it is all set up, wait for the victim to enter the room. Tell them that something has happened to the ceiling and you have to hold that up there. Kindly ask them if they can hold it for a
quick second while you run to get something. If they agree, you know you have pranked them. If they stop pressing that bowl to the ceiling, all the water will come falling down on top of the victim. They may not understand what they are doing until they have grabbed the broom stick from you.

Tie fishing line around kitchen sink hose.

You know that little hose that helps you wash dishes? Tie some fishing line around it so that it presses the handle in, Point it at where the victim will be standing, and wait for the victim to use the sink. As soon as they turn the water on, the hose will start spraying them down.

Wait around the corner with a monster mask on.

You should not try this prank on older people because the purpose is to scare someone. Hide somewhere in the dark with a monster mask, and patiently wait for a victim to approach you. Time it right, and as soon as they are in a spot that will most scare them, run out from the hiding spot with a huge scream. You will be sure to send your victim running out of the room.

Slam on your brakes while driving.

Again, this is a scare prank; do not do this on older people. If you are on a road trip, and someone has fallen asleep, tell everyone else in the car that you are about to slam on your brakes, so long as no one is behind you. Inform that when you do this, everyone needs to scream as loud as they can. Your victim will wake up panicking
not knowing what is going on.

Mix something into their drink.

If you are with a group of people at a restaurant and someone has left the table, mix something into their drink. This is easier if everyone’s drinks have lids with straws. This way, the victim will not see any physical appearance changes. If the cups do not have lids on them, choose something that will mix without changing the color or look of their drink. Wait for the victim to drink their drink, and watch their facial expressions when they do!

Those are some great pranks to play on someone. Next time you feel in the mood to prank somebody, consider these suggestions.