5 Practical Reasons Why You Should Never Pirate iPad and iPad 2 Apps

Pirating apps on the iPad is a very controversial subject and for the most part the iPad community is split in half on the subject, but following are several very practical reasons why you should steer clear of iPad app piracy.

iPad Apps Are Relatively Inexpensive to Begin With

Everyone might not agree with me right away, but apps on the iPhone and iPad a relatively inexpensive when compared to Mac and Windows-based computer software. Simply looking at the $30 price tag of iWorks shows just how inexpensive apps are when compared to $79.00 price tag on Mac computers and the $150 asking price for Microsoft Office on the Windows platform. Most apps in the iTunes store are under $10 and lots of them are free, so it really makes no sense to skim a few bucks on an app that you truly enjoy – heck, you can even find deals on AppShopper.com if you’re feeling really cheap.

Pirated Updates Can Be a Pain

If you decide that there’s nothing as cheap as free and opt to pirate iPad apps instead of forking over the paltry sum developers are asking, you’ll also be cutting yourself off from future updates. With paid apps it’s very easy to log into the iTunes app store and update apps as soon as they are available, but pirated apps have to be manually reinstalled and can often lose all save data in the process.


Another very annoying trait of pirated iPad apps is that they’re not always as functional as their iTunes Store counterparts. Although lots of pirated apps work perfectly fine, illegal iPad apps have been known to crash, have limited functionality, not work at all, and depending on where you procured your ill-gotten iPad apps, they can even brick your iPad [render it useless].

Not All Apps Are Available

In addition to all of the other problems and headaches concerning illegal iPad apps, not all apps available in the iTunes apps store are available in the iPad pirating community – which will force most pirates looking for non-available apps to purchase them from the iTunes store anyhow.

Support Developers

One of the most important reasons to steer clear of illegal app repositories is the one that you already know – deep down inside. If you’ve found an app awesome enough to warrant downloading -illegal or not – it was developed by someone that put a lot of time, dedication, and genius into it. When you download and use illegal apps, you’re negatively affecting the quality of apps on the iTunes store – after all, why would someone continue to develop apps if they aren’t able to benefit from doing so.

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