5 Perfect Mother’s Day Gadgets and Accessories

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and this year it falls on May 8, 2011, so everyone has started the customary scramble to find the best jewelry or flowers to send her, right? With all the new gadgets on the market, it would be easy to find Mom something special for Mother’s Day, and tech accessories are just the way to go. How about you do something different this year, and maybe get her something she’s not expecting? Check out this list of popular accessories for every gadget that Mom is sure to love.

The Skinit Gift Card ($14.99 – $49.99 and up)

No, Skinit is not some macabre piece of dehumanizing equipment; rather, Skinit is a gadget-skinning website service offering personalized skins for almost any gadget, new or old. You choose the device, and then choose a skin from thousands of designs, or customize by uploading a photo. The great thing about Skinit is that anyone can order a Skinit Gift Card and choose from one of four packages including smartphones; laptops, netbooks and tablet PCs; wall skins, and tailgate skins, and yes… Skinit has skins for the iPad 2 as well.

This means that you have two choices, you can buy Mom a skin with a personalized, loving message, or purchase her a gift card so she can choose herself. Whichever you chose, prices range from $14.99 – $49.99 and up, and then you can send the gift or card in the mail, or send her the gift card code in an E-Card.

iDapt i1 Eco Universal Charger ($24.99 – $16.99)

What could be a better present for Mom than one that is eco-friendly and convenient? Well, maybe a diamond ring or a trip to the Bahamas, but not everyone has that kind of money, so… The iDapt i1 Eco Universal Charger is a charger the fits almost any device, while being even more environmentally friendly than the usual universal charger. The i1 Eco has an interchangeable connector that fits a USB connector, as well as a tip jack connector.

iEco also features an auto shut off and an easy restart button, the ability to charge two devices at once, and purchase new tips, in case Mom gets a new phone. iEco is available from the iDapt website, as well as five other iDapt universal charger models. The iEco is priced at $24.99, and the others range from $39.99 – $59.99.

SuperTooth to the Rescue! ($129 + $6 Monthly Subscription)

You have heard all those reports about train conductors, pilots, and teens texting while operating their vehicles and then getting into crashes, right? Well, parents get into wrecks for the same reason, and it can worry the pants off their kids, and this is especially true of parents trying to operate the “newfangled” smartphone they just bought. Well, with the SuperTooth HD Bluetooth speakerphone, you do not have to worry about Mom while she is driving ever again. This amazing little device does much more than just read text messages aloud and translate new voice messages into text. In fact, this speaker can also translate send that text to other phones using email, text or SMS, or even as an update to Facebook or Twitter using its built-in SuperTooth Handsfree Assistant, which requires a Dial2Go subscription of $6 per month.

The SuperTooth HD can also make calls to pre-set numbers, answer incoming calls, activate and listen to voicemail and check the battery using only Mom’s voice. The device is compatible with anything using Bluetooth, and comes with a car charger and a USB cable. While not available just yet, it is set to release at the end of April, early May – right in time for Mother’s Day – at about $129 from its website, you need to get Mom this gift, especially if she drives while talking. An even better gift? Pay for the Drive3Go subscription for a year, too. Nothing is too expensive when safety and you mom is involved.

Cook or Be Cooked ($10.99 – 19.99)

What? No, it’s a Wii Game, not what you think. This one is great for Moms who live to cook, or for kids to play with Moms who think they can cook better than Mom can. Released by the Food Network, Cook or Be Cooked is a video game that uses Wii’s motion sensors to activate and play the game. It uses real recipes as the basis for challenges, which can consist of breakfast, lunch, dinners, and party recipes. With three modes of play, Mom can cook by herself, or you can show her p with split screen mode. Then, the game controller acts as certain kitchen tools, depending on what buttons are pressed. If you think you can out-cook your Mom, then the Cook or Be Cooked game is certainly the present to get her on Mother’s Day. It is available from various retailers such as EB Games, The Food Network Store, as well as Amazon.com and price ranges from $10.99 – 19.99.

Covert USB Voice Recorder ($49.95)

This gadget is a great gift for Mom that does double duty. Not only can it record notes, such as shopping lists, and to-do items, but because it looks like a typical USB key, if Mom is into spying, or making sure her kids aren’t getting into things they shouldn’t be, then she can use it as a hidden tape recorder. This voice recorder really does look exactly like a USB key, so if she were to leave it lying around a kid’s room, it is unlikely to be noticed, unless of course, that kid tries to plug it into the computer.

The USB Voice Recorder features 2 GB of flash memory, which holds 40 hours of recordings, and a USB connection that really works, and the voice recorder is voice activated. Using this connection, Mom can plug the key into the computer to see what’s been going on. She can also plug it into any mobile device so she can access her lists and notes on the go. Available from Brick House Security, the Covert USB Voice Recorder costs $49.95, and it comes with four hours of battery life before the device needs charging.


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