5 Must Have Homebrew Games for PSP

Now that the PSP is on it’s last legs with the NGP less than a year away, it’s time we round up a list of some of the best homebrew titles that have graced the system.

Swarm: Swarm is a nice little mini-game great for killing time. It’s surprisingly addictive despite it’s simplistic format. The objective is simple; you’re a worm-like creature, and your mission is to avoid the ‘swarm'(hence the game’s title) of foes that will aggressively pursue you.

Download Swarm

Mobile Assault: This is a very popular top-down 3D shooter where you pilot a helicopter and nail objectives to complete your missions. Mobile Assault controls well and is one of the more visually appealing homebrew titles available on the PSP.

Download Mobile Assault

Super Special Awesome Heli Game Clone V2 – Some of you may remember this popular online flash game. Dozens of game sites across the web featured it, and it’s still just as fun even today. The premise is simple. You pilot a helicopter and navigate through a stage while avoiding obstacles. The PSP version isn’t so much a port as it is a remake. It’s still the same game with the same simple objective, but this time you’re not restricted to one dull helicopter. You can choose between a re-designed helicopter, a jet, The Futurama Space Ship and even Superman. Also included is the option to change the game’s difficulty between easy, original and hard.

Download Super Special Awesome Heli Game Clone V2: Go to the 4th comment in that page and click on the attachment. The version hosted at most sites no longer works on current custom firmwares. The 4th commentator on that website edited the files, making it playable regardless of custom firmware version.

The Legend Of Zelda: Return Of The Hylian – This is a port of the first game in a popular series of online, fan-made “sequels” to the classic Super Nintendo game, ‘A Link To The Past’. Return of The Hylian uses sprites and environments from the original game as the backdrop for an entirely new, but non-canon entry in the Legend of Zelda universe. It was originally made for play on the PC, so while the ported game is great, controlling it on the PSP may at times feel a bit awkward. It just takes a little getting used to.

Download Legend of Zelda: Return Of The Hylian

Cave Story PSP – Cave Story is a 2D side-scrolling adventure made in the 8-bit style and is reminiscent of classic NES titles. It was originally a freeware PC game in 2004, which eventually gained a large enough base of dedicated fans that it became a cult classic. In recent months Cave Story has attracted much attention after being acquired by gaming giant, Nintendo. The original Cave Story, and even an updated remake are now being offered on the Wii, NintendoDSi and a version for the newly released Nintendo 3DS has also been announced. Before Nintendo’s acquisition of Cave Story, there was this version. Cave Story made a seamless transition to the PSP thanks to dedicated homebrew developers.

Download Cave Story PSP