5 Most Important Internet Marketing Success Factors

Every successful on-line marketing campaign is built on solid marketing foundations. There is no silver bullet or quick fix solution. Instead, incremental improvement over time based on core marketing principles will usually lead to a profitable Internet marketing campaign.

Here are five important factors that can help you build a solid foundation for your Internet marketing campaign.

1) Value proposition

This is a major determining factor for the success of your campaign. The value proposition must be relevant to a visitor’s needs, in order for them to convert to a sale. The more you refine your value proposition the better your conversion rate will be. You should test and measure headlines and sales copy on landing pages to determine the most effective value proposition.

You can test emphasizing a particular benefit in your headlines and sales copy or highlight a particular problem that you product/service solves. This also applies to your online advertising.

2) Credibility

You must show that you are credible and trustworthy. You also must show competence. You can use client testimonials and display any professional certification that you have. Visitors need to know that you have the capability to deliver, while also feeling comfortable with the dealing with your business.

3) Landing page layout

This has a massive impact on the number of sales you make from your website. The position of conversion forms, buy buttons and images can improve conversion rate. For example, a conversion form “below the fold” after some sales copy may work better than a conversion form “above the fold” before the sales copy and visa versa.

4) Know your lifetime client value and try to increase it

This is particularly important when you are running a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign. It’s a good idea to work out the Net Present Value (NPV) and to use this as a guide when working out your PPC budget and bids.

On top of this, you should try to up-sell or try to get repeat business from your clients. As a result, maintaining a mailing list is important. You should also build an off-line infrastructure to facilitate this objective as well.

5) Be comment worthy

Free content that motivates people to link to it, like it on facebook or tweet about it is an important part in a successful Internet marketing strategy. A blog post, video, free download or ebook can be very effective in generating digital word of mouth.

All in all, each Internet marketing campaign has it’s own nuances. However, when stripped to the core, the same basic principles generally apply across the board. Building on a solid foundation will help you improve your chances of Internet marketing success.