5 Most Annoying Star Trek: The Next Generation Characters

5 Most Annoying Star Trek: The Next Generation Characters

If you’re anything like me, you used to watch Star Trek: The Next Generation at some point during your past. And, if you’re anything like me, you probably enjoyed the TV series overall. However, you also probably found many, if not most, of the characters annoying at one point or another. Here, for your viewining pleasure, I have assembled my personal list of the five most annoying Star Trek: The Next Generation characters. If you agree with me, disagree with me, or even if you just want to cuss me out, please leave your comments below.

1. Jordy LaForge: This guy has to be the single most grating character of the entire series. Whether it’s his obnoxious high tech/low tech magical banana clip that he wears to see (and the obvious pandering towards advocates of the disabled this entails), his annoying voice, or the fact that he pines after women, this character takes the cake for most likely bitch slapped if living in the 21st century.

2. Wesley Crusher: What happens when you’re a know-it-all only child who happens to have an in with the chief medical officer and the captain of the ship? You turn into a little brat. Frankly, when his mom sent him off with the alien pedophile posing as “The Traveler”, I doubt many fans were sorry to see him go.

3. Warf: Apparently millions of years of evolution have advanced species to the point where they look strangely like humans, with the exception of sounding like they need to take a dump every time they talk. Such is the case with Warf, whos over-the-top man-angst and cheesy martial arts scenes dump him into the number three spot.

4. William Riker: Speaking of numbers, if your boss suddenly stopped using your name and started addressing you as a number, you would probably take that as a bad sign, right? Well, not so for this joker. In fact his melodrama and faux intensity is enough to make anyone want to stick the man’s head in a porcelain bowl full of number one to shut him up.

5. Beverely Crusher: Only slightly less annoying than her effeminate son, this weirdo has all of the flavor of a 10 year old Triscut that’s been coated in sawdust. I guess bland women really do turn the guys on, considering how much Patrick Stewart wants a piece of her nonexistent ass.

Honorable Mention: I briefly thought about sticking Deanna Troi on there somewhere, but she gets props for dressing slutty. Seriously, if I was ever in a counseling session with her, I would be like, “Uh huh, uh huh, yep, sure, sounds good, right, you guessed it, okay . . . please just take your clothes off.” Also, if I had six spots, Guinan would go on there too.