5 Most Annoying Male Celebrities

It’s not hard to come up with a list of celebrities who drive me crazy. It is, however, more difficult to come up with a list of annoying celebrities that we all can agree to. What celebs are pushing our buttons the most lately? I have compiled a list of the five male celebrities who have been more than annoying of late. How do these guys make the grade? Just by being completely annoying like the sound of nails on a chalkboard.

1) Charlie Sheen
Does anyone need to even know the reason why Charlie Sheen is one of the most annoying celebrities? Some may disagree and are still riding on the Charlie Sheen bandwagon. I say enough already. The whole “winning” spin and following tour was more than obnoxious. His web cast shows were completely boring and his ability to make us laugh has turned into an ability to make us cringe. The whole “crazy is better” routine wore off after a few minutes following his departure from his sitcom on “Two and a half Men.” I can’t imagine there is anyone more annoying these days for pulling out his own “ego” card and trying to live on his charm alone. Sheen is a constant reminder to us that celebrities need to have a little substance or they could just disappear into thin air. Unlike some of the other people on the list, I would be anxious to see a return to normalcy for Sheen-if there is such a thing. His stint with “Two and a half Men” seems to have come to an official close when he was replaced by Ashton Kutcher.

2) Jesse James
James is the guy who admitted he cheated on wife Sandra Bullock on multiple occasions. If that wasn’t enough, James went on the record and justified the whole deal recently while promoting a book. In fact, James recently was quoted as saying “millions” of other men also cheat on their wives in US Magazine. If that doesn’t make him one of the most annoying celebrities alone, I am not sure what else would qualify. James had already ticked off millions of people who don’t cheat on their significant others. Now he has ticked off the people who do cheat as well by blowing the whistle.
Is there anyone else he would like to alienate as he moves up the most annoying celebrity chart?

3) Justin Bieber
I actually feel kind of bad for including Justin Bieber on the list of the most annoying celebrities. The guy really hasn’t done anything wrong besides just being everywhere all the time. The over-saturation of Justin Bieber has probably not been of his own doing. In fact, who would really want to be that popular? “Bieber fever” is probably one of the most annoying celebrity movements ever for obvious reasons-let alone the pictures of Justin hugging his own wax image. He’s a young kid with a good amount of talent who has just become way too abundant on television and the radio these days. If I hear or read one more story about his air–I think I’ll stick a fork in my arm.

4) Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell probably would smirk when he sees his name on this list of annoying male celebrities. But he’s the same guy who enjoys being the “jerk.” He’s made quite the living on “American Idol” by being annoying and he’ll soon be doing the same on a new television show called “X Factor.” Cowell knows just what to say to push the buttons of competitors and America. He’s honed “annoying” to such a high level that I doubt anyone would be able to achieve what he has without trying very hard. Cowell is by far one of the most annoying celebrities but with a catch. It seems he is one of the few people on this list that people love to hate. He is also perhaps the only person who is annoying because it’s his shtick. For that, his annoying persona deserves a different grade from the rest. Let’s just say that Simon Cowell is annoying for the sake of being annoying-and that in itself is very annoying.

5) Mel Gibson
I am one of the few people who would probably still be anxious to see a Mel Gibson movie despite his recent annoying stunts. Still, it’s hard to disagree with the fact that he is one of the most annoying celebrities of the last decade. Gibson has said some things he probably wishes he could take back and gone through a more than rocky divorce. His image in the public eye has been shattered quite well. Gibson may never recover from the recent fall but I wouldn’t be surprised if he does with time. For now, he’s just still plain annoying.