5 More Homemade Fun and Useful Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day doesn’t have to mean neckties and tools. Here are five more fun, simple, and useful projects to make for Father’s Day.

1.) Decorated Lunch Bags
Buy a stack of white or light paper lunch bags. Have the kids decorate each bag with a different design, picture, or collage. Make sure they write something nice and sign their name to each bag. Stamps, stencils, stickers, punches, or cut outs may also be used. When all of the bags are decorated and dry, place them in a stack and tie them together with a nice ribbon. Your Dad will remember he is loved long after Father’s Day is over.

2.) Personalized Picture Frame
Use an inexpensive picture frame by taking out the glass to be able to work with the frame. Or make your own by cutting it from heavy tag board, construction paper, or thick card stock. Cut two pieces to whatever size you would like, then cut an opening out of the front piece. Cut a smaller rectangular third piece to use as the easel back. Decorate with any pictures or items you like. If your father collects postage stamps or baseball cards, use old ones all around the boarder. Then laminate or cover with clear contact paper. Clear packing tape works on small projects. Trim as needed. Glue the finished front and back together on three sides leaving the top open to be able to add a photograph. Glue the top 1-inch of the stand to the back.

3.) Personalize a Clock
Purchase an inexpensive clock that is available at most discount and department stores. They can usually be found for under $5. If possible, carefully remove the back to have just the frame to work with. If the clock is in one piece, carefully cover the front while you are working on decorating it. Decorate with things that are of interest to your Dad. Glue down things like golf tees, wrapping paper designs, or other items. Then seal with Decoupage or other clear shellac and let dry.

4.) Magnetic Note Holders
Make a set of note holders that can be used at home, in the office, in a locker, or in the garage. Begin with a set of new clothespins and small strong magnets. Use a strong glue like Tacky glue to glue a magnet or two to the back of the clothespin. Paint or decorate the magnet with small trinkets or label with words like, “TO DO,” “DON’T FORGET,” or “REMINDER.” They could also be labeled with the days of the week. Colorful permanent or paint markers may be used. Clip your finished projects to some blank index cards or small pieces of paper before wrapping.

5.) Rock or Brick Paperweight, Door Stop or Bookends
Buy a new rock or brick, or wash and dry one you may already have. Decorate as desired or wrap in fabric, vinyl tablecloth pieces, or wrapping paper. Tie with ribbon or seal with shellac. They can be used on bookshelves, to hold doors open or closed, or just about anywhere.

These are small, easy, and useful projects to make for your favorite Dad.