5 Mistakes to Avoid in Job Interviews

When you sit across the table from a hiring manager dressed to perfection with a smile on your face, there may be a million things firing through your brain. Alternatively, there may be nothing in your brain as you fight to think clearly and calm your nerves. This is a critical moment in job interviews because next comes the questions and your opportunity to make any of the following common interview mistakes.

Study up on these common mistakes made in job interviews now so you can impress the hiring manager and land the job.

Job Interviews Mistake #1: Telling too much of a bad thing.

One huge mistake many people make when going on job interviews is to assume that the hiring manager sitting across the desk already knows or will soon find out about every flaw in their work history. They don’t want to be caught in a lie or be discounted for withholding information, so they come right out and fess up to the worst working crimes they have ever committed.

It’s true that employers will find out if you have a criminal record or something that will legally disqualify you for a position, but they can only verify basic employment dates with your previous employers. That means your previous employer cannot tell how your employment was ended or what may have happened negatively during your course of employment.

If you have something very bad in your past or were fired from your last job, you don’t have to broadcast this in all of your current job interviews.

Job Interviews Mistake #2: Bad mouthing previous employers.

If you go into your job interviews talking about how horrible your previous employers are, the hiring managers will be seeing a bright red flag waving in front of their eyes. Rather than sympathizing with you they may feel you are someone who blames others, doesn’t take responsibility for their own actions, or is difficult to get along with.

That is not the impression you want to leave with hiring managers giving you a shot in job interviews today!

Job Interviews Mistake #3: Playing the perfectionist card.

You don’t want to reveal anything negative about yourself in job interviews, but you going to the opposite extreme is even worse. Many hiring managers will ask questions about your flaws or worst mistakes made at work because they want to see if you have learned from your mistakes and grown stronger.

If you play the perfectionist card and claim that you do everything perfectly or that perfectionism is your worst flaw, they are going to see you as less than honest and forthcoming.

Job Interviews Mistake # 4: Getting too comfortable.

There are some hiring managers that will sit across the desk and stare you down as an intimidation factor, but many take the opposite approach. They chit chat, laugh, joke and make you feel extremely comfortable right from the start. It is easy to forget that you are in a job interview, not sitting with a friend for coffee. In this overly relaxed state you will let your guard down and say things you may not regularly say in job interviews.

That is the intention of the hiring manager! They want you to feel comfortable so they can gauge your natural personality and get more casual, honest responses form you. That may work for you, but it can just as easily work against you.

Job interviews are not for making friends. Remember where you are and stay professional yet friendly.

Job Interviews Mistake #5: Show up knowing nothing about the company.

One sure fire way to impress a hiring manager is to show that you know a lot about their company and really want to work there. Hiring managers like job interviews with candidates who want to work for their company, rather than just wanting to land any job possible.
Job interviews aren’t fun, but they also don’t have to be intimidating and scary. Pay attention to these common mistakes and you will be one step ahead of everyone else going through those job interviews.