5 Major Issues with the Eye-Fi Wireless SD Card

An Eye-Fi SD card is a Wi-Fi enabled SD Card that allows virtually any device that takes photos to upload those pictures to the online Eye-Fi server, Picasso, PhotoBucket and Flicker, but although Eye-Fi is a cool technology, it’s plagued with several issues that leave a lot to be desired.

Eye-Fi Only Allows 2GBs of Storage

For photo buffs around the world, Eye-Fi is the only technology that allows photos to be streamed wirelessly to an online server, but before you go taking pictures all willy-nilly, you’ll have to be very selective about the photos that you take because the Eye-Fi online server only allows 2GB of storage space. 2GB is enough to hold several hundred photos from a high definition camera and is less than what most cameras ship with, so for something as advanced [and awesome] as Eye-Fi Wireless SD card technology, the low storage space is a lot less than the average consumer will need.

The Transfer Processing Speed

When I first heard of Eye-Fi technology, I envisioned a blazingly fast solution that’d allow me to take lots of quick pictures while I’m out and about, but what I got instead was a lots slower than I expected. I admit that it’s pretty cool to be able to synch my photos online automatically, but taking pictures and having them upload online is a pretty slow process and the processing time just won’t do for photographers that want to take quick shots and rely on speed.

Synching to the Web Requires a Mobile Hotspot or Wi-Fi Connection

The idea of synching photos wirelessly to the web using and Eye-Fi SD card is simple, but an Eye-Fi card is just an SD card and doesn’t connect to the web on its own – requires a third party internet connection. If you’re snapping shots in your house or apartment, an Eye-Fi SD card will work just fine, but snapping photos on the go can prove more to be more problematic.

Eye-Fi Doesn’t Allow Uploading to Multiple Services At Once

Eye-Fi allows uploading to the Eye-Fi server, PhotoBucket, Flicker, Picasso and other sites but Eye-Fi only allows uploading to a single server and uploading to multiple sites has to be done manually.

Everything is Uploaded at Once

If you’ve taken dozens of shots, unless you’re an exceptionally talented photographic mastermind, it’s likely that every picture you’ve snapped isn’t a keeper. Unfortunately, Eye-Fi believes that it is, and without a manual upload selection, Eye-Fi automatically uploads all of your photos at once – leaving you with a mess to clean up later.