5 Luxury Car Logos and Their Meanings

Luxury cars are a status symbol of sorts. They scream success. Have you ever wondered what that logo means and how it came to be? The logo is also a symbol. Sometimes the meaning behind it is very different from what you think it might be.

BMW established in 1913.

BMW stands for the Bavarian Motor Company and was based in Munich, Germany.

The logo is recognizable by a thick black ring surrounding a quadrant of alternating shades of blue and white which looks like a white propeller against a blue sky. The white and blue however are the colors of the Bavarian flag. The company was originally a manufacturer of military aircraft during World War I. The first car, the Dix was manufactured in 1929. The BMW logo like the car has simply come to be known as pure elegance.

Mercedes – Benz

Mercedes was established in 1902

The logo was first seen in 1909

The three pointed star was designed by Gottlieb Daimler and represents the domination of land, sea and air. The star was combined with the Benz laurel wreath in 1926 to signify the two companies joining. The logo has changed very little over the years.

Volvo was established in 1926

The Volvo company was formed in 1915 for the purpose of manufacturing bearings for the automotive industry. Volvo is a form of the Latin word volvere meaning roll. The singular form of the verb, Volvo means, “I roll.”

The logo is the ancient chemistry symbol for iron. The iron badge on the car was supposed to take up the symbolism of the Swedish iron industry which has long stood for strength, safety, quality and durability. Today the iron symbol also stands for a brand that likes modern and exciting designs.

Bentley established in 1919

The first Bentley was not complete for another 27 years.

The company was based in London until Rolls Royce purchased Bentley in 1931. Bentley is the winner of 5 LeMans between 1924-1930 and a 6th in 2003.

The logo is a Flying B. A capital B with wings. The B for Bentley and the wings symbolize the speed of the vehicle.

Ferrari established in 1929

Ferrari is based in Italy and has dominated Formula One racing.

The logo which is a prancing horse was the character of Count Baracca, an ace in the Italian Air Force in World War I. It was painted on the side of his plane. The horse, now the logo of Ferrari, symbolizes power. When people see the Ferrari logo, the first thing that comes to mind is speed and racing. It is the sign of victory and elegance.