5 Little Known Facts About the Movie, Tangled

Tangled is a great Disney movie for all ages and for both boys and girls. Disney wanted to avoid having another “princess movie,” so they didn’t call the movie Rapunzel, even though that is the lead character’s name. However, there is also the guy who could be the “knight in shining armor,” but is actually rather clueless when it comes to dealing with Rapunzel. Boys are certain to enjoy his antics and how the horse, Maximus, doesn’t like him. With these few things known, it is understandable that more trivia about the movie would want to be known. Here is more trivia to read and share about the movie, Tangled .

The Look Was Inspired by French Rococo

Many say that fairy tales should have a romantic look. It was thought that a romantic look could be found in the painting, “The Swing.” This painting was done by the French rococo artist, Jean-Honoré Fragonard. The look of the movie, Tangled , was based upon this painting.

It Has a Rare Thing that Happens in Disney Movies

There are tons of movies by Disney. Tangled has a rare occurrence. It has a villain who dies. In fact, Mother Gothel is only the eighth Disney villain that dies in a movie.

Flynn Rider Had Multiple Personalities

The “hero” of the movie, Tangled , is Flynn Rider. The final decision was that Zachary Levi would provide Flynn’s voice. Levi auditioned with a British accent. However, during production, it was changed so Flynn would have an American accent. Even earlier, Flynn was going to have a British accent and be voiced by Clay Aiken. If it is not obvious, the name Flynn Rider is an homage to Errol Flynn. However, the name of the character was originally going to be Bastian.

Tangled Was a Rating’s First for a Disney Princess Movie

While Tangled is a great movie, the ratings first isn’t about box office ratings. Instead, the ratings first is from the MPAA. Tangled is the first Disney princess movie to get a PG rating. All other Disney princess movies are rated G.

Mandy Moore Inspired Rapunzel’s Looks

Mandy Moore is the voice of Rapunzel. She is also the inspiration for the way the character looks. When Rapunzel’s hair is long, it is blonde. This reflects when Moore broke out into stardom. However, when it is short, it is brown. This reflects when Moore returned to her natural hair color. Rapunzel is also constantly barefoot which was inspired by the fact that Moore likes to be barefoot when she performs.