5 Little Known Facts About the Movie, Ratatouille

Ratatouille is a fun movie for all ages. It is especially a fun family movie and there is great comedy between the two main rats.

Many Rat Experts Were Used in the Film

Ratatouille required many experts to help the animators recreate the behavior of rats and the atmosphere of a kitchen in a French restaurant. Debbie Ducommun is a rat expert. She brought her pet rats so they could be observed. Thomas Keller own the French Laundry and is a cook there. The on-goings in his kitchen were observed to find out what it is like to work in a kitchen in a French restaurant.

There Is a Real Shop with Dead Rats in the Window

In Ratatouille , a shop with dead rats in the window is seen. There is a shop in Paris, France that actually has dead rats in the window. It is an exterminator shop that was founded in 1872. It is called Destruction des Animaux Nuisibles. It can be found at 8 rue de Halles in the first arrondissement.

Ratatouille Contains the First Illegitimate Child in a Disney Film

All prior Disney films, if they do not have a child that has both parents, had children that were orphans or step-children. They were always known to be born in a marriage. However, Luigi was born out of wedlock. Both he and the ghost of Gusteau discover this fact. This is the first Disney film to have this happen.

Ratatouille Tie-Ins Were Difficult

Every movie seems to have tie-ins with products that advertise the movie. However, this was difficult for Ratatouille. Once the movie was released, it was easier to get video games, books, and toys on the market because the story was known and the movie was loved. However, people did not want rats associated with food and the wine tie-in was pulled because cartoon characters are not supposed to advertise alcoholic beverages.

The Pronunciation of the Title Was Always Spelled on Posters

Disney-Pixar was worried that people would not know how to say Ratatouille, so all promotional posters also had the pronunciation as “Rat-A-Too-Ee” underneath the title.