5 Little Known Facts About the Movie, Cars

Cars is a fun movie, just like most Pixar movies. It is enjoyable for the whole family to watch this movie. However, adults may want to know some trivia about the movie which can especially make it more interesting if children want to watch the movie numerous times.

Cars Almost Wasn’t Called Cars.

The movie, Cars , was originally going to be called Route 66 . However, there was concern that calling the movie Route 66 would have some viewers confuse it with the television show “Route 66.” Because of this, the title of the movie was changed to Cars . This definitely fits now as it would be difficult to make a movie called Route 66 2 , but a movie called Cars 2 can take place anywhere in the world.

A Previous Walt Disney Cartoon with Cars Influenced the Look of the Movie.

A cartoon called “Susie the Little Blue Coupe” was a huge influence for the movie, Cars . This is because in the cartoon, the eyes on the car are not the headlights like in most cartoons. Instead, the eyes on the car are in the windshield. This is how the eyes in the movie, Cars are drawn. John Lasseter loved the look of the car in “Susie the Little Blue Coupe”, and that is why the cars are drawn that way in the movie, Cars .

No Real Tire Brands Are in the Movie, but it Comes Close.

There are no real tire brands in the movie. However, the movie, Cars , does come close to mentioning a real tire brand. This is because Lightning McQueen’s tires are “Lightyears.” This is a spoof of the “Goodyear Eagle” tires used in NASCAR and also a reference to the character, Buzz Lighter, from the Toy Story movies.

Tires Are on the Jets!

It would seem silly to have tires on jets in a cartoon. Of course, in real life, jets need special tires in order to land safely. However, these do not show when a jet is flying. It seems as if the movie, Cars , would have the tires showing. However, there are no tires showing when the jets are flying. It only seems like there might be tires because the contrails left by the jets are tire marks.

Flo’s Cafe Hides Mickey.

Disney films are known for having at least one hidden Mickey. A hidden Mickey can be found in the movie, Cars, at Flo’s Cafe. As the sign rotates at Flo’s Cafe, a hidden Mickey can be seen. The lights in the sign also blink in the proper order for a Ford Flathead V8.