5 Little Known Facts About the Movie Blades of Glory

Blades of Glory is a silly movie, but it is a fun movie. It has segments that are not appropriate for small children, but once children are in middle school, they will have probably heard everything that is mentioned in the movie. They may have heard this stuff earlier than middle school. Blades of Glory is a great movie for tweens and older to enjoy. It is also great to know facts about the movie that can be shared.

Napoleon Dynamite Suffered From a Broken Ankle

Napoleon Dynamite isn’t in the movie. However, Jon Heder is. He is the actor that played Napoleon Dynamite. While Jon Heder was training to learn how to ice skate for the movie, he broke his ankle.

The Movie Hides Incest!

In the movie, there is a pair of siblings that ice skates. Surprisingly, the siblings are married. However, they are not married in the movie. The actor and actress that play the siblings are married. These two people are Amy Poehler and Will Arnett.

Japanese Can Be Heard in the Movie

In most English movies, that Japanese is not real. It may be nonsense words or it may be a few Japanese phrases and words that make no sense when said together. However, the Japanese spoken when responding to a Japanese reporter is flawless Japanese. This is because Jon Heder learned Japanese when he went to Japan as a Mormon missionary.

The Prayer in the Support Group Is Printed

Usually in movies, prayers and proclamations are printed just so the beginning can be seen and then it blurs or is nonsense as the viewer cannot see the rest of it . However, in Blades of Glory , the Sex Addict’s Prayer is printed. It says, ” God, Grant me the serenity to not have sex with my friend’s girlfriend, the courage to go home tonight without having sex with my friends girlfriend, and the wisdom to walk away from my friend’s smokin’ hot girlfriend.”

A Gay Couple Is Hidden

The characters of Coach and Jesse are supposed to be a gay couple. There are no obvious indications of this in the movie. However, there are subtle references. There’s a triangle shaped rainbow ornament on their shelf. There’s also a stained glass window of the two of them skating and the picture is surrounded with hearts.