5 Legal Matters that Absolutely Require a Lawyer

Lawyers aren’t necessary for every single legal matter out there. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to get a lawyer in certain situations because the overwhelming majority of people will lose a case without a lawyer when a serious matter is at hand. Hiring an attorney might be expensive, even if you just want advice, but you can’t always avoid the need to do so. Therefore, you won’t want to skip out on a lawyer in the following types of cases.

Criminal Cases

Nobody should defend themselves during a criminal trial. Not even lawyers are unintelligent enough to try doing that. Without a doubt, an attorney should always be used for such a case. Most people don’t know the first think about criminal law and defense. In fact, it’s normally seen as a guaranteed loss to try to defend yourself in such a case. For more severe crimes, you are guaranteed to lose without an attorney. Smaller offenses can be won without a lawyer, but it’s not advisable to even risk losing this type of legal matter. The possibilities and consequences are too great.

Repeat Crimes

For repeat crimes of any magnitude, you will want to get an attorney to either advise or represent yourself. Something as small as a third or fourth speeding ticket can lead to a revoked license. An attorney has a much better shot at getting the charges dropped or reduced than you do. Likewise, more serious crimes like battery or stalking should be taken care of with legal representation. Representing yourself in these situations will almost never end well.


Wills are a tricky thing because different states treat these documents differently. Sometimes, a person can write a will that has no legal standing and is completely disregarded. With that in mind, you should hire a lawyer to take care of your will. You obviously get to name all of the conditions of said will, but the attorney helps guarantee that the document has legal standing. An attorney could even end up being the executor of your will. Either way, you’ll want an attorney to help ensure that your will stands up as a legal document.

Business Deals

Actual business deals can be tricky to create without some sort of lawyer present. Of course, there have been plenty of shoddy business deals in history that have screwed over one party or another. Therefore, you should always hire a lawyer to get advice or representation during the creation of any business deal. You don’t want to somehow get ousted from an informal deal and then end up losing out on tons of money. Even worse, you could end up losing an idea that was originally yours. Always use an attorney for business deals.


Adoptions can be pretty tricky, depending upon your own legal history and the state that you live in. It’s a good idea to at least get some legal advice and advisement during the adoption process to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Obviously, most people won’t need to head to a courtroom to get an adoption, but people with extenuating circumstances do, and a lawyer can come in handy during those special situations. Attorneys can help a person navigate through the adoption process without making any major mistakes.

Get yourself a lawyer.

Some situations simply require that you get advice from a lawyer, but others necessitate hiring a lawyer to represent yourself. Either way, there are some legal situations that you don’t want to go at by yourself. Losing a case can mean a lot more than just losing a case – you could lose money, your freedom, or something else that is important. Don’t take the risk in these situations or you could end up regretting holding out on an attorney.

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