5 Keys to Improving Your Spiritual Health

Everywhere we look today, we are bombarded with messages warning us of the importance of heart-healthy choices. What about the health of our spiritual heart? Would a spiritual cardiologist have reason to be concerned about the condition of your spiritual health?

Even a cursory tour of the American Heart Association’s website reveals the importance of a healthy lifestyle with regards to our physical health. The website goes into great length on numerous topics, including “you are what you eat,” “it’s not just a man’s disease,” “exercise and fitness,” and “the cholesterol low down.”

While our physical health is important, it is even more important for us to live spiritually-healthy lifestyles. The following list provides 5 simple keys to improving your spiritual health —

You are What You Read

Spiritually speaking, we should be feasting on the Word of God. Reading the Bible provides us with a knowledge of Who God is, how we connect with Him, what He expects from us, and what we can expect from Him. The Bible is both our operator’s manual for life and our spiritual road map for the journey. Without it, our spiritual health will suffer and we will find ourselves arriving at undesired locations. The first key to improving your spiritual health is spending some quality time in the Word. Are you consistently studying your Bible?

It’s Not Just a Pastor’s Problem

Spiritual health is vitally important to all Christians. The faith is built upon personal relationships with Jesus, personal responsibility and personal accountability. While pastors are there to lend us a hand, the condition of our spiritual health is our responsibility. The second key to improving your spiritual health is taking charge of your spiritual health. Are you actively involved developing and maintaining your faith?

Spiritual Exercise and Fitness

All Christians need to be engaged in daily prayer and spiritual service. When a muscle is not used, it atrophies. This means it loses strength and shrinks. Our spiritual health is no different. If we don’t put our faith into practice, our spiritual strength and effectiveness declines. Likewise, when we fail to engage in prayerful dialog with Jesus, our relationship suffers. The third key to improving your spiritual health is exercising it. Are you actively exercising your faith?

The Sin Low Down

Sin is the plaque that destroys the vitality of our spiritual health. We must seek to identify it, the earlier the better, and properly treat it. The course of treatment for a sin diagnosis is far simpler than a surgeon’s knife ‘” just confess it! When we do, the Lord is faithful to restore our relationship with Him and we can move forward with a clean bill of health (1 John 1:9). The fourth key to improving your spiritual health is identifying and properly treating sin. Is there sin in your life that you need to deal with?

Self-Examinations Recommended

When it comes to our physical health, early detection is always best. The person most likely to notice that something is wrong is ourselves; after all, no one knows our own body better than we do.

The same holds true for our spiritual health. The best person to recognize a spiritual problem early is you. By the time a problem is big enough for others to recognize, the consequences will be much greater. Worse yet, is when we know we have a problem, but ignore it as if it will somehow just go away. Medical problems rarely ever just go away, and neither do spiritual ones ‘” they only get progressively worse!

We don’t always have to have the answer, that’s where your Pastor fits in, but we do need to recognize when a problem exists and do something about it. Spiritual self-examinations are the final key to improving your spiritual health. Have you honestly examined your own spiritual health lately?