5 Job Search Skills for New College Graduates

A successful job search strategy for new college graduates must include these 5 job search skills. New college graduates who are organized and focused around these 5 job search skills, will net better results than those college graduates who don’t have job search plan to launch a career.

Job search skill # 1 – Honest Self Evaluation

Many new college graduates do not realize how much the success of their job search relies on mastering this job search skill. Without the ability to evaluate interests, skills, personality and values, the job search of a new college graduate might not have the desired outcome. Just as college students do self evaluation to select majors, new college graduates have to do self evaluation to select a job or career.

Job search skill # 2 – Networking skills

Some new college graduates will consider themselves already proficient with online networking skills, with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. However, using these online social networks is not the same as having and “on-land” networking strategy. College graduates have to move from behind the computer and actually go out and “press the flesh” in a job search will eventually master this job search skill.

Job search skill # 3 – Writing skills

Another job search skill with lifelong value for college graduates is knowing how to write. More specifically, knowing how to write a resume and all the related job search letters used in a job search. Resumes, cover letters, thank -you letters and broadcast letters, will need to be written and rewritten frequently.

Job search skill # 4 – Job interviewing skills

Success in most job searches boil down to the job search skill of being able to interview effectively. Most college career centers offer practice job interviews sometimes called “mock” interviews so that new graduates can develop this job search skill.

Job search skill # 5 – Evaluating job offers

Once college graduates has written a resume, networked into an interview and performed well in a job interview they have to know how to evaluate job offers. This is one job search skill that really develops over time since throughout a successful career, one will hopefully, get to do it many times. College graduates should be able to evaluate job offers such as weighing salary against opportunity for training or weighing cost of an apartment versus cost of living at home.

New college graduates who master these five job search skills can significantly improve their success rate in the job search.