5 iPhone, iPad, and iPod Jailbreaking Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Jailbreaking an iOS device like and iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch unlocks locks of cool [and usually forbidden] features, but before you jailbreak your Apple gadget be sure to avoid these five most common mistakes made by rookie jailbreakers.

Updating Your iOS Device

Regardless of if you have a tethered or untethered iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad device and no matter which jailbreaking software you’ve used, there’s one thing that you must never do once you’ve jailbroken your mobile Apple device; never update your device without first checking if a jailbreak is available. Downloading an official Apple update will give you the cool benefits of the latest iOS version, but it will “un-jailbreak” your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Paying for Jailbreaking Software

Lots of people want to jailbreak their devices, but simply don’t know where to begin – and there are lots of websites and programs that are set-up to exploit them. Jailbreaking software and utility kits are always free and never require any forms of payments and if you’re paying to get an iPad jailbreak, you’re getting scammed. If you feel like donating to an jailbreaking dev, feel free to do so, but never pay for kits that promise to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Downloading from Unreliable Sources

Another way that would-be jailbreakers get scammed and taken advantage of when they’re trying to jailbreak or unlock their mobile Apple gadgets is by using internet search engines to download utility kits and jailbreaks from unreliable sources. There are lots of authorities on jailbreaking, but you can easily spot an unreliable jailbreaking site if you notice lots of “popping” ads, overlay ads, huge download buttons, little information on the jailbreak, pop-ups, and other dead giveaways.

Skimming Through the Guide

Once most jailbreakers find a reputable jailbreaking site and the proper kits, they can still suffer from serious issues with their iPhones, iPad, and iPod Touches, but not paying full attention to the instructions provided with the jailbreaking utility kit. Be sure to follow every detail provided in a jailbreak installation guide or you can run the risk of improperly jailbreaking an iOS device – and likely causing serious problems with your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

Using the Wrong Jailbreak

When searching for a jailbreak, make sure that the method and version of the jailbreak that you use also coincides with the software version of your Apple iOS device. You can cause some serious problems and issues by not applying the jailbreak and even if it doesn’t cause a major issue, it can be annoying to haunt for a jailbreak all over again. It pays to know what iOS software version you have before trying to unlock your device.