5 iPad Browsers that Can Rival the Safari Browser

If you’re an iPad owner, it’s likely that you’re using the Safari browser exclusively, but considering its limitations – no flash, freezing, and crashing – you might want to look at the following 5 iPad web browsers that can give Safari a run for its money.

Atomic Web Browser – $0.99

The Atomic Web Browser is likely the most customizable internet browser for the iPad and includes tabs, an ad-blocker, password protection, multi-touch gestures, custom colors, download management, Dropbox support, and more. For less than a “buck”, the Atomic Web Browser is definitely an iPad app worth picking up if you’re looking for a very customizable web browser.

Cloud Browse– $0.99

Whoever says that the iPad can’t handle Adobe Flash hasn’t been exposed to the Cloud Browse App on the Apple iPad. To be honest, the Cloud Browse app doesn’t run as fast as Safari – but it’s far from slow – but if you’re looking for an app that has full Java and Flash support then the Cloud Browse browser is for you – and I use it to play Runescape on my iPad.

Skyfire Web Browser – $1.99

The Skyfire Web Browser costs twice as much as the other iPad internet browsers in this article, but considering that it’s been rated the #1 Top Grossing App in the US AppStore for December 2010, some would consider it worth the price. Skyfire supports flash videos, has special social networking features, Desktop option – that runs Skyfire just like a browser made for a computer -, and a private browsing option that allows you to browse the internet anonomously.

iCab – $1.99

iCab boasts most of the features as the other iPad web browsers on this list, but it does so with a better looking interface and a few features that aren’t available on any other web browser app. iCab allows filling out forms, searching, tabs, bookmarks, downloads, modules, multi-touch, Dropbox support, Airprint support, private browsing, RSS, and more.

Browser Duo – $0.99

Browser Duo has one distinguishable feature from the others in this list, it allows you to simultaneously browse two web sites side by side on the iPad and iPad 2. If you’re comparing products, researching information, simply keeping up with two websites at the same time, Browser Duo is the app that you’re looking for. Even if you have one of the other iPad web browsers on this list, Browser Duo will still come in handy during those times when you need side by side information.

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