5 iPad Apps That’ll Make Your iPad Way Better Than Your TV

The fast processor, great graphics and 9.7 inch screen of the iPad and iPad 2 make the perfect connection for turning your iPad into a portable TV – that’s actually better than your HDTV at home – and following are five apps that’ll make your iPad a better video platform than the HDTV in your living room.

ABC, BBC, CBS, and Other TV Station Apps – Free

Lots of television stations see the true potential of the iPad and have created their own apps that’ll display television content on your Apple tablet. ABC, CBS, BBC, CNN, NBC and way too many others to list are making your iPad a suitable TV replacement by allowing you to watch content from your favorite TV station on your 9.7 inch tablet screen.

Netflix – $8.99 per month

Netflix is likely the most reasonably priced app for streaming quality studio movies and TV shows to your iPad and comes in the form of a free app with an $8.99 monthly service fee. $8.99 is pennies on the dollar for having the ability to watch up to 75 different titles in nearly every genre and countless television shows on your iPad – while still having the ability to also stream on you TV, computer, and several gaming consoles at no added price.

Air Video – $2.99

If you’re not into monthly fees and you have a massive amount of videos saved on your personal computer or laptop, Air Video is a video streaming iPad app that just might grab your attention. Air Video allows you to designate folders on your computer that you want to stream movies from and handles just about every computer video format including .mkv, .avi, divx, .mp4, .mov, and lots more. Getting your downloaded videos from your computer to your HDTV can be a headache, but is made easy with this inexpensive app for the iPad.

SlingPlayer Mobile – $29.99

The iPad is very versatile and not only can it stream movies for little to nothing and allow you to watch your favorite TV stations on the go, but it can also be used with your preexisting Slingbox account with SlingPlayer Mobile for the iPad. Although, at $30, the SlingPlayer Mobile apps seems expensive, it’s not a recurring fee and will allow you to watch every cable channel that you would be able to watch on your HDTV on the go.

YouTube Free

It might sound silly, but one of the best sources for watching movies on your iPad is the app that came bundled and preinstalled on it to begin with; YouTube. YouTube is a free source of millions of videos and is something that you usually won’t be able to have access on your HDTV.

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