5 Interesting Facts About Cheese

Cheese is a popular food among many people and cultures. It is used in many cuisines and can be a delicious snack on its own. There are many types of cheese made around the world. It can be fun to know facts about cheese.

Swiss Cheese Might Be Spying on You

Do you have any Swiss cheese in your house? You probably know it by the holes. However, you may want to be careful if you have Swiss cheese in your house. It might be spying on you! This is because to cheesemakers, the holes in Swiss cheese are known as eyes.

It is Possible to Have Carrot Flavored Cheese

Sometimes the cream cheese used to frost carrot cakes may have a tiny bit of carrot flavor in it. However, before modern cheese coloring techniques, more types of cheese may have tasted like carrots. This is because the color was added by using either annatto seeds or carrot juice. Because of this, there was a change of having carrot flavored cheese.

Some Old Cheese is Good; Others Aren’t

It is known that some cheese should be well aged. However, some cheeses are so well aged that they shouldn’t be eaten. Xenophon, who died circa 352 B.C. wrote of it. It is also known that the remains of what seems to be cheese has been found in Egyptian tombs. These remains are over 4,000 years old!

Don’t Eat that Rind – Maybe

Cheeses are known to have rinds. They are often removed from the cheese and thrown into the garbage. However, the rind of brie can be eaten. Ask a cheesemonger if the rind of a cheese can be eaten. There are many rinds that can be eaten, but they often are not eaten because they do not taste good.

Queen Victoria Was Given the Big Cheese

Saying “Queen Victoria was given the big cheese” isn’t saying that Queen Victoria was put in charge. It also isn’t saying that a leader submitted to her or that she was given a leader. Queen Victoria was literally given some big cheese. For her wedding, she received a 1,000 pound wheel of cheddar. A wheel of cheddar normally weighs around 60 to 75 pounds.


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