5 Innovative Ways to Update a Bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house aside from the kitchen.

The average person will spend a minimum of six and a half hours per day in the bedroom sleeping (National Sleep Foundation 2011, p. 1), as well as an additional few hours spent unwinding and preparing for the next day. For these reasons, the bedroom should be updated often through the use of innovative techniques to ensure that it’s always an inviting and restful place to be.

Using Eclectic Furniture Combinations

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , “Insufficient sleep is a public health epidemic”, with at least 35% of Americans getting less then the recommended seven hours sleep per night. To compensate for this, every bedroom upgrade should involve investing in a quality bed, mattress and pillows. This very traditional chiropractic recommended bed does not have to be part of a bedroom suite. Instead, dare to purchase bedside tables and a dresser that don’t match but still go together. An example of this would be a room with an upholstered bed, re-purposed trunks used for bedside tables and a mirrored dresser. You can see how this unexpected furniture combination is not about matching, but rather about complimenting.

Incorporating Beautiful Storage

Like the re-purposed trunk used as bedside tables, beautiful storage is an innovative and functional way to updrade a bedroom. Extend closet space by placing shelving with dimensions that are in line with the wall height and width, but that are still slim line enough to fit behind the bed with out taking up too much floor space. Then fit them with flat glossy sliding doors that are decorated with designer wall paper in prints like damask or herringbone. This creates extended storage space that looks like a beautifully decorated accent wall. For a more budget friendly alternative, skip the sliding doors and string a beautifully pattered curtain or canvas across the shelving for a more vintage look.

Featuring Personalized Wall Art

Not only should the bedroom be a place for rest and relaxation, it should also be a space where individual style and self can be expressed. Nothing puts a stamp of individuality on a bedroom like personalized wall art. Some go to options are collages of family photos printed onto a canvas and chalk board paint on a small section of the wall that allows the wall art to be changed on a whim ,and can even include notes to other members of the house.

Make it About More Than Just Sleeping

The research conducted by the National Sleep Foundation also found that people spend time watching T.V, surfing the Internet, reading or making phone calls before and after bedtime in their bedrooms. Statistics like this show that it makes good sense to add a small living / lounging area when upgrading a bedroom. Even a small love seat and firm ottoman strategically placed in the bedroom, can take the space from a run of the mill place of rest, to a personal haven. Throw in an arc lamp and some modern cushions, to create a bedroom that is about more than just sleeping.

Automating the Bedroom

This is the final and most innovative way to update a bedroom on this list. Automating a room means that lights, televisions, climate control, media systems and so forth can all be controlled from one central remote. For example, both the television and room lights can be programmed to shut off at the same time from the comfort of your own bed.

Considering that a large part of our lives are spent in the bedroom, it makes good common sense to regularly upgrade this space in ways that are innovative, with a view of maintaining a room that is both inviting and relaxing


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