5 (Inexpensive) Tips to Help Your Kids Stay Busy This Summer

“Mom, I’m bored!” is not what any mom or parent wants to hear during summer break. Lazy summer days don’t have to be lazy- just delve into your creativity and help your kids do the same.

1. Buy remnants from your local craft store and garage sales

Crafts not only help your children tap into their creativity, but can also provide hours of activities and fun! Look for fabric remnants, which can often be purchased for pocket change, as well as marbles, beads, yarn, scrap paper, etc. Along these lines, you may also want to consider holding on to the magazines you’ve already read for collages, keeping cardboard boxes, which have endless possibilities, and recycling old bottles, paper towel rolls, and even makeup! Eye shadow, after all, does come in a variety of pretty shades.

2. Let your kids see how far their allowance goes at thrift

Antiquing, garage saling, or “picking” has become quite popular and, believe it or not, children can get in on the fun too! For a few dollars, the kids can find a great treasure at any thrift store or garage sale. Depending on their age, children can then repurpose (another craft project!), reuse, or resell their item.

3. Pack a Picnic

Who doesn’t love a good picnic? Younger children will have a lot of fun preparing sandwiches and packing fruit into any basket you might have laying around the house. It isn’t necessary to take it to the park, either. A big blanket in the yard, or even in the living room, provides the perfect scenery for a delicious pb&j with a side of banana.

4. Peak a Literary Interest

Your children might not be interested in curling up with a good book like mom or dad does on a lazy weekend, but it is very possible they have their own ideas about writing a story or creating a comic book. A simple notepad, less than a dollar in most stores, and a pen or pencil are all the technology kids need to pull the plays from their inner imagination into life. Younger children who can’t write yet can use blank pages to draw their story and mom or dad can help caption the images. Those old magazines can also come in handy here to illustrate or even to depict a comic book scene.

5. Create an Obstacle Course

You most likely have a few things lying around the house that can be turned into the best idea of the year. Anything, really, can be used to design an obstacle course. You can use jump ropes, bikes, scooters, and incorporate ideas like carrying an egg in a spoon, spinning on a bat, jumping over obstacles, going under outdoor furniture, filling a bucket with water by the cup, and even stacking cups on a table.

Whatever it is that you find to do with your children this summer, make it creative and unique and your whole family is sure to have a fantastic summer break!