5 Games that Were Nothing but Attempts to Market Corporate Brands

Large corporate brands will try nearly anything to get you to buy their products and the video game industry is not off-limits. Continue reading for the five most popular – and shameless – corporate sellout games in the history of gaming.

The Burger King “King” Games

Back in 2006, possibly the most audacious marketing ploy in the name of gaming went underway – the selling of three Burger King base video games at Burger King eating joints and over Xbox Live Arcade. The three King games included Pocketbike Racer, Sneak King, and Big Bumpin’ – and to top it all off the “King” himself appeared in Fight Night Round 3 as an unlockable boxer.

Cool Spot

During the early 90’s, 7uP had a leading mascot by the name of Cool Spot and he went on to be featured in several games that promoted the 7up brand. To be honest, the Cool Spot games were actually pretty good for the time that they debuted, but looking back at it; I realized that it had me drinking more 7up than Sprite at the time.

Chester Cheetah Games

Chester Cheetah, of Cheetos fame, showed that it could be easy to be cheesy by being branded over several SNES and Sega games. Both Chester Cheetah: Too Cool to Fool and Chester Cheetah: Wild Wild Quest were both classic retro games, but were laughably gimmicky and examples of shameless corporate branding in video games.

Def Jam Games

Since the beginning of this millennium, Def Jam, the popular music record company has been “plugging” their artists and musicians under the guise of several popular video games, including Def Jam: Fight for NY, Def Jam Vendetta, Def Jam: Icom, and Def Jam: Rapstar. Most of the Def Jam games were rather enjoyable, but it was easy to see what Def Jam was doing – trying to get us to buy albums.

M&M’s Games

Melts in your mouth, played with your hands. From retro games to current gen gaming, Mars has been shelling out M&M games that have been featured on nearly every gaming console to hit the market since the NES. While most of the M&M games were “throwaways”, the M&M’s games have a somewhat nostalgic appeal to them that will likely stay with old-school gamers forever.

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