5 Fresh Easter Decorating Ideas

Center of Attention: Easter Trees

A miniature artificial Christmas tree is too much of a prize to be used just once a year. These evergreens are also perfect for a making an Easter tree centerpiece in spring. What puts the “hippity hoppity” in an Easter tree?

Use white or pastel colored lights and a combination of hanging Easter tree decorations as well as Easter eggs tucked into the branches. Colorful artificial flowers like daisies in white, yellow, pink and light blue really make this Easter tree bloom. Add a bow of Easter themed ribbon as a tree topper. This Easter tree is a perfect Easter centerpiece for your table or Easter brunch buffet.

Warm Welcome: Easter Wreaths

A grapevine wreath can be turned into the perfect greeting for your Easter guests. White lilies or yellow buttercups are excellent artificial flower choices for Easter wreaths. Greenery can be artificial or fresh. Either way the day of your Easter meal you can add sprigs of fresh herbs for touches of fresh texture and scent too.

A small stuffed bunny will be sit proudly on the bottom ledge of the wreath to offer Easter greetings to your friends and family. If you’re not all that hip on bunnies, then a craft bird’s nest will nestle nicely and welcome your brood.

Hats Off Buffet to the Buffet: Hat Boxes

Hatboxes are unique Easter decorations. Hatboxes are symbolic of the days when ladies young and old donned an Easter bonnet on Easter Sunday. You can purchase hatboxes at craft stores or vintage stores and you can also decorate your own with wallpaper scraps and ribbon.

How can you use hatboxes on your buffet table? There are two ways. One is to intersperse them and use them as stands to add interest with varying height on your buffet table. Maybe your signature deviled eggs deserve to be tops.

Another way to use hatboxes to serve your Easter meal is to line them and allow them to be serving dishes. A hatbox would be a super fun way to put your famous ham biscuits on display.

Flower Power: Unique Flower Arrangement Ideas

There are several ways to make your flower arrangements unique for your family gathering. First of all think outside of the vase. For a more causal garden look, you can create floral centerpieces in watering cans topped off with spring bows. For a touch of vintage, pull out antique floral teapots too add a spot of elegance.

If you’re using traditional crystal or glass vases for your Easter centerpieces you can make them uniquely Easter by adding colorful Easter eggs into the vase as well. Easter eggs on a floral stem can also be interspersed with flowers to give your arrangements that eggs-tra special touch.

The Grass is Greener: Easter Table Decorations

Pull out your favorite bowls or teacups and add soil and grass seed. The April 2010 issue of Southern Living showcased “Baa Baa Black and White Sheep Treats,” marshmallow and cookie lambs that were both desserts and decorations. This idea was cute but what I really loved was the idea in the background. Spring-colored dishes were springing with green grass.

Bring a little of the wonder of spring indoors. Easter eggs and candies sitting a top these miniature greenways are cute Easter buffet table decorations symbolic of an Easter egg hunt in the rolling grass.