5 Free iPad Apps that Will Help to Make Your Life a Lot Easier

The iPad is a very handy gadget and although it can be used for virtually anything you want to use it for – watching movies, playing games, browsing the web, etc – but with the following 5 free apps, you’ll be able to use your iPad to make your life a whole lot easier.

Dropbox – File Management

If your constantly bouncing between your laptop, desktop, cell phone, and iPad, you might run into the issue of finding a way to synchronize all of your data so that you don’t have to worry about keeping up with multiple versions of the same file and having a bunch of document clutter going on. If you’ve run into this issue, Dropbox is the perfect free iPad app that creates a folder on your computer that works a central point for all of your data regardless of if you’re on a laptop, desktop, iPad, or smartphone. Dropbox is a personal favorite app of mines and as a blogger that’s on the go, I’m always able to keep up with my documents regardless of if I’m at home or stranded on an island – that just so happens to have Wi-Fi.

Epicurious – Cooking

Between my wife and I, my wife definitely wears the crown as the best “cook” in the house, but I’ve slowly been able to almost catch up to her skill with the help of one of my favorite free apps for the iPad, Epicurious. Epicurious is a cooking app that is sure to be helpful for the novice or “iron” chef and features countless recipes, beautiful photos and illustrations, and a great online community that will surely increase your cooking skills.

Calorie Counter by FatSecret – Health & Fitness

While we’re on the subject, after using Epicurious to up your cooking skills, you’ll definitely want to consider download Calorie Counter by FatSecret; a health and fitness app that will keep track of all of those savory meals that you’re eating and help you stay fit and on track. There are lots of paid calorie counting apps in the iTunes Apps Store, but although Calorie Counter by FatSecret is free, it boasts great features like allowing you to input barcodes to gather nutritional information, retrieve the nutritional information of popular brands and food chains, and even features an exercise diary, weight tracker, and diet calendar to make sure that you’re staying in the best shape possible.

TaskPad HD – Time Management

Keeping up with daily tasks can be difficult for even those that are best at managing their time and no matter how much I try I always seem to get dates confused, forget appointments, and completely lose track of things that I was supposed to complete throughout the day. The iTunes App Store is filled with expensive time management apps like Things and OmniFocus, but if you’re looking for a free task/time management app for the iPad, TaskPad HD is the way to go. TaskPad HD is free but is able to keep up with some of the more expensive task managing apps by allowing cross device synchronization, folders for tracking different events, and provides a great interface that makes TaskPad HD easy to use and track times easier.

Evernote – Studying and Note Taking

Regardless of if you’re a student, an employee looking to advance in the company, a journalist or someone that’s just generally interested in the world, Evernote is a great free iPad app that’ll allow you to take notes, record audio, synch your notes to an online database, and retrieve your notes from nearly anything that connects to the internet.

IBooks – Reading

IBooks is one the premier apps for the iPad and it more than earns that title by creative a great eBook reading format that nearly crushed every other eBook reader on the market. iBooks can except the most popular eBook formats, has a great online bookstore, and creates a unique and easily managed book management system by storing all of your books on a virtual bookshelf. iBooks is great for avid readers and casual book readers alike and is a must have app for all iPad owners.