5 Foreign Sounding Foods that Were Created in the United States

There are plenty of phrases in the United States that reference other countries and nationalities. Sometimes these phrases do come from that country or people of that nationality. Other times, they originated with how people from other countries viewed that nationality. Yet, sometimes, the phrase or name was created in the United States. This can be true of foods created in the United States. There are plenty of foods with nationality names or at least names that conjure the idea of nationalities that were actually created in the United States.

Russian Dressing

Russian dressing obviously sounds like it came from Russia. However, Russian dressing wasn’t created in Russia. It was created in the United States. It is not known exactly where in the United States is was created. However, it is known that it was created at the end of the 19 th century or the beginning of the 20 th century.

Swiss Steak

Swiss steak was not created in Switzerland. It was created in the United States. Swiss steak has a reason that it is called Swiss steak. The “Swiss” in Swiss steak doesn’t actually have to be capitalized. It can be “swiss steak.” This is because swiss refers to a certain way the meat and prepared and cooked. Tough meat is tenderized by pounding or by going through rollers that tenderize the meat. Cube steak is often the meat used. Once swiss steak is prepared, it should be tender enough to cut and eat without a knife.


Stromboli sounds like it is an Italian creation. This is especially easy to believe if it is known that Pinocchio is an Italian story and in the Disney version, there is a character named Stromboli. However, in the book, the character’s name is Mangiafuoco. The food may have been given an Italian sounding name since when it was created around 1950 just outside Philadelphia, Italian dough was used to wrap meats, cheeses, and vegetables. Sometimes stromboli is found without vegetables and only contains meat and cheese.

German Butter Cake

German butter cake is a rich pound cake. It has a buttery center that is like a pudding. While it may seem to go with some of the rich foods of Germany, it was actually created in Philadelphia.


It is true that the first pizzas were created in Europe in the countries near Italy. However, the current form of pizza was not created there. It is not true that Italians used tomatoes ever since they were introduced from the Americas. Tomato sauce was created in Italy many years after tomato sauces were used in the United States. Therefore, the form of pizza with tomato sauce and cheese is actually a food created in the United States.