5 Features that Really Make Mac OS X Lion Roar

Mac OS X Lion is the latest installment of Apple’s OS X operating system and with the widespread acceptance of its predecessor, Snow Leopard, it may be hard to think what Apple could come up with next, but these five features make Mac OS X Lion a must have.

Full-Screen Apps

There are lots of iPad inspired features in the new Mac OS X Lion operating system, but one of my favorites is the ability to now have full-screen apps – much like you’d find when running an app on an iPad or iPhone. If you’re working in an app that requires a lot of focus – like graphics, music, business, and gaming apps – the newly added feature of full-screen apps in Mac OS X Lion will definitely come in handy.

Mission Control

I’ll admit that navigating through apps and programs on Macs is usually a lot more user friendly than doing the same thing on other operating systems, but Apple kicked things up a notch by adding Mission Control in their latest operating system. Mission Control brings Expose, Spaces, and Dashboard together into a new interface that makes dealing with files even easier in Mac OS X Lion.


Have you ever been working on a project or just browsing the net and had to restart your computer in order to install an update, give your computer a rest or because you were running low on battery and upon rebooting your computer, you had to go through the hassle of reopening all of your apps and programs? The new Resume feature in Mac OS X Lion will help to relieve the stress of having to load up all of the apps you were working on before a reboot, by allowing you to reboot in Mac OS X Lion as if your computer was in a sleep or hibernation mode.


Launchpad is another “iPad-like” feature in Mac OS X Lion that essentially turns your Mac’s desktop screen into an iPad-like Home screen. Launchpad stores all of your apps that can be shifted between pages in the exact same manner as an iPad and even features grouping apps together.


In addition to be able to reboot your computer without restarting from “scratch” via the new Resume feature, Mac OS X Lion also brings a beloved feature of Apple iOS devices to the table in the form of Auto-Saving files within documents. With the new Auto-Save feature of OS X Lion, you’ll no longer have to worry about whether you’ve saved that business, school, or important document again, because Mac OS X Lion will do all of the dirty work for you.