5 Facts About Macaroni

Macaroni is a popular food among all ages. Of course, children love macaroni and cheese. Most children can recognize Kraft Macaroni and Cheese from an extremely young age. Adults like macaroni and cheese, too. Here are five fun facts about macaroni.

You Are Eating “Crushed.”

The word macaroni means “crushed.” It is thought that it is a corruption of the Italian word “maccheroni” which means crushed or squashed. Others think it is a corruption of the Italian word “ammaccare,” which means bruised or crushed. Either one comes from the Latin word “macerare,” which means crushed, bruised, or squashed. The reason for this is that the wheat is crushed to make macaroni noodles.

Macaroni Is Beloved by College Students

It is often a stereotype to say that college students love macaroni and cheese. There are many stories and television shows that use the stereotype of college students cooking and eating macaroni and cheese. It is true that it is an easy dish to make. However, it is known that college students love macaroni and cheese because a study has found that it is the most requested food in college cafeterias.

Rats Are Like College Students

Saying “rats are like college students,” doesn’t seem to have anything to do with macaroni. However, the reason that this was said is because it has been found that the favorite food of city dwelling rats is macaroni and cheese. It is known that college students love macaroni and cheese. It this way, rats and college students are alike.

The Origin of Macaroni Is a Mystery

Authentic pasta means that the shapes were created in Italy. There are around 350 types of authentic pasta. However, it is not known if macaroni is authentic. It is thought that macaroni was created in the middle ages. It is possible that it was created by Arabs.

There’s a Unique Way to Cook Macaroni

If you are ever somewhere with only a coffee pot and some macaroni, or at least a way to buy macaroni noodles, and a place to get water, you can cook macaroni. Put the macaroni in the in filter basket. Then put the water in the tank (as if you are pouring it in to make coffee). Make sure to put the pot or a container under to catch the hot water. Turn on the coffee pot and let it run. The hot water will cook the macaroni. If it is not complete cooked the first time, you can run the water through again, but there is no guarantee that it will turn out very well.