5 Easy Ways to Make Money This Summer by Helping the Community!

Everyone seems to be looking forward to the summer! Even though when it is going great, it seems like the shortest season of the year. You may be one of those people who have their hands tied this whole season, and your to-do-list is sky high. Or you just might be one of those people who need a little extra to do. Here, I will show you 5 great and easy ideas to keep you busy with your community and make money along the way! Let’s go!

1. Lawn Care

Not everyone is a magician when it comes to landscaping. But who says you have to be one. Lawn care is one of the easiest jobs that requires no true talent. Take your drive to the community by setting up and passing out flyers, requesting an opportunity to simply mow and pick dead weeds out of lawns for a small fee. Maybe you can even plant some pretty flowers for an extra cost. Look for vacant lots that need taken care of or the elderly that may not be able to take care of their lawns themselves. At the end of the day, you will have earned some cash and helped your community!

What you will need:
Lawn Mower: You can either use your own or rent one by the day
Gas for Lawn Mower: Use a gallon tank and fill it up each day
Flyers: Use black and white ink for a lower cost and get discounts at supply stores such as Staples, for printing.
Gardening Gloves

2: Rummage/Garage SaleThis is the oldest trick in the book. Who doesn’t want a less-cluttered home for the summer? I know I do! When the hot weather hits, many people are going to be sure enough looking for places to store all that clutter. Here is a bright idea: Why not become the storage yourself? Pass out flyers in your community and surrounding community offering to take on everyone’s clutter. Of course, the items MUST be in either good or excellent condition- NO TRASH ALLOWED! ;) Be sure to note the address for drop-off and contact information in case you have to pick-up. After receiving the items, re-sale! Have a huge rummage or garage sale and pass out flyers for that event. Call your local newspaper and surrounding area’s newspapers for a price on articles. In return you will be helping people clear out their homes and making some cash on the other end.

What you will need:
Flyers: Use black and white ink for a lower cost and get discounts at supply stores such as Staples, for printing.
Room to store
A Good Attitude
A Partner for Help

3. Tutoring

Are you somewhat on the “smart-edge”? Maybe you just have some spare knowledge to share. If so, bring summer school to you. Many parents- more than you may know- want their child to brush up on some education while away from school and maybe be a step ahead before school starts back. If you have the knowledge to share, why not give those parents a solution! Pass out flyers and offer to tutor any grade from K-12 by the hour. You can either use your place of residence or rent an office space. You can either choose to tutor one grade at one time, or multiple grades at set times. The choice is yours. In the end you will be giving students a confidence before returning back to school and earning some cash by doing so.

What you will need:
Space for tutoring
Extra school supplies: Find some on discount at your local Wal-Mart or Target for summer break

4. Exercise Classes

Getting in shape is one of summer’s most wished wishes. Everyone wants to look good for the summer. Maybe some are starting their pre-summer work-outs later than others. If you love exercising and maybe even body building, why not share your love! Hold classes to lead others into getting a great fit body for the summer at your residence or even a rented space. The whole community will thank you!

What you will need:
Limited gym equipment

5. Hair Styling

Last but not least, is hair. You don’t have to be licensed to style hair, all you have to be is willing. Many people just want their hair styled for a date or a special occasion this summer. Make yourself or you and a couple of friends, the go-to-stylist(s). Quick and easy updo’s or even just straightening or curling will be fine. Use your spare time to make other’s look good and earn some cash for doing it!

What you will need:
Hair tools
Helping Hands