5 Disturbing Pictures Posted on Twitter

People use Twitter for all kinds of reasons. Some use it for promotion. Some use it in order to relay information about a meeting or a conference to people who couldn’t attend. Others use it to have fun. Some people post pictures through a picture service to Twitter. Some of these make sense, but others are strange and even disturbing. Here are five disturbing pictures found on Twitter.

Nasty Feet

Somebody decided to take a picture of his or her feet. They were then tweeted as a picture. One foot definitely has a callus on the bottom. The other has something that may be a bone spur. The picture may have been taken to let somebody know how they were doing, but why make it public? Other people probably did not want to see those feet.

Third Nipple

An odd thing that males do is pose in a mirror and try to look tough while taking a picture of themselves. One man decided to do this in a mirror that looks like it is in a bathroom decorated by a woman, which is odd enough because it doesn’t make him look tough. Then, people may do a double take when they see the picture, because it can be seen that he has a third nipple. Having a supernumerary nipple is a minor malformation that does not hurt. However, taking a picture and posting it so the whole world can see is an odd thing to do.

Man Baby

It is not known why, but a man went into his bathroom and took a picture of himself dressed as a baby. He is wearing a top that is too small, a huge bonnet, and a huge diaper. Hopefully this was for Halloween and he was showing his Halloween costume to people. However, the scary thought is that he is part of the Adult Baby and Diaper Lover community.

Big Boobs

This picture isn’t as disturbing as the others. However, a girl posted a picture of herself and her breasts are definitely bigger than her head. If nature did this, she can’t help that. However, if she got a boob job to make her breasts bigger than her head, she needs some serious help.

Lawn Mower Car

This picture isn’t disturbing, but it is funny. It is one that makes people ask, “why?,” so it was included. It is not known who posted the picture, but somebody posted a picture of a cart hooked up to what looks to be a riding lawn mower. The shopping cart has bicycle wheels on it to keep it level and a person is riding in it with groceries while the man is driving the lawn mower. This picture boggles the mind, but it is clever.


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