5 Crossover Vehicles for Families on a Budget

There is a niche market for any type of car buyer. Even the sport-utility vehicle (SUV) market is segmented. SUVs come in different sizes and prices. Below are 5 crossover SUVs for families. Each vehicle is affordable, versatile, and top-rated.

1. 2011 Honda CR-V

The 2011 Honda CR-V is an excellent crossover SUV. Though the 2.4L 4-cylinder engine won’t win you any races, it is more than adequate. Gas mileage is 21 city/28 hwy. The Honda CR-V is also known for its bulletproof quality and reliability. The base trim level (LX) starts at just $21,695 and is nicely equipped. You get a lot for your money with this car. The Honda CR-V is available in front-wheel or all-wheel drive.

2. 2011 Subaru Forrester

The 2011 Subaru Forrester is another top pick in the crossover SUV category. It is very competitively priced, starting at just $20,495. Its fuel economy is similar to the Honda CR-V’s at 21 city/27 hwy. The Subaru Forrester is also known for its very good reliability. Like all Subarus, this Forrester has Subaru’s patented all wheel drive system. Subaru loyalists and new fans alike will not be disappointed with the 2011 Forrester.

3. 2011 Chevrolet Equinox

The 2011 Chevrolet Equinox is similar to the Honda CR-V. With gas mileage of 22 city/32 hwy, this SUV is slightly better than the Honda CR-V. However the Equinox has a higher starting price of $22,995. The Equinox has four trim levels, with the top LTZ starting at $28,570.

4. 2011 Ford Escape

The 2011 Ford Escape is a handsome crossover SUV. It resembles a mini Ford Explorer. The Escape is competitively priced in this category with a starting price of $21,215. Fuel economy is good at 23 city/28 hwy. The Escape is more rugged looking and truck-like in its handling.

5. 2011 Kia Sportage

The 2011 Kia Sportage has made great improvements over the years. However, it still trails behind the class-leading Honda CR-V. Fuel economy is similar to the Honda. With a starting price of $18,295, the Kia Sportage is the most affordable car on the list. That alone makes this vehicle worth considering. Though it’s ranked last on this list, it is still a worthy pick in the crossover SUV category.

So there you have it. These are the top 5 picks in the crossover SUV market. They all start for less than $25,000. These crossovers are a nice compromise for families who want all-wheel drive, utility, and affordability.

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