5 Creative Pieces of CAPTCHA Art

Whether we admit it or not, we all do it. We read the CAPTCHAs and make fun of them. Those codes given to “confirm you are a human” are called CAPTCHAs. CAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart. With a name that is a mouthful to say, it is understandable why it is called a CAPTCHA.

Some people don’t like to admit that they read their CAPTCHAs and think about what they say. However, there isn’t any way to enter the words without thinking about them. Some are funny. Others make no sense. Others can’t be read.

Some people have taken reading CAPTCHAs to a new level. They have started creating CAPTCHA art. CAPTCHA art is any picture that illustrates a given CAPTCHA as long as the CAPTCHA is included in the picture. Here are five creative pieces of CAPTCHA art.

10010 magoos

Taking a cue from Disney’s One Hundred and One Dalmatians , the person who had the CAPTCHA 10010 Magoos took a picture of Roger and Anita’s living room with the dalmatians puppies in it. The heads are then replaced with the head of Mr. Magoo.

icute access

Knowing that many people find kittens cute, the person who has the CAPTCHA icute access, used cats. Two cats want in a building. The fat cat meows and the cats are not let into the building. However, when the kitten stares into the window with its big eyes, the cats are let into the building. The bit cat doesn’t understand how the kitten managed to get anybody to let them into the building.

caf© hamster

The CAPTCHA caf© hamster gives a fairly obvious image. There has to be a hamster in a caf©. However, the person who had this CAPTCHA gave it a unique twist by having a giant hamster dressed in a shirt with a laptop and a cup of coffee on a table. Or perhaps the hamster is a normal sized hamster and the laptop, coffee, and table are miniature.

Lucius Postal

Before Harry Potter, Lucius Postal wouldn’t have meant much. However, now when a CAPTCHA says Lucius Postal, it brings up the image of the evil and unlikeable Lucius Malfoy holding mail.

fro factor

If somebody got the CAPTCHA fro factor, they might think, “Oh, if it only said ‘for.'” That wasn’t the case for a person who got it, though. Instead, they understood “fro” as short for Afro. A cartoon was created about a person being so cool. The reason is the Afro and another person says that he has the “fro factor.”


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