5 Creative Doorstops

Sometimes homeowners don’t care if doors hit walls. They figure that they’ll let the house look like people lived in it. Also, sometimes homeowners don’t care if doors swing closed. However, if homeowners want to preserve walls or keep doors open, door stops come in handy. A small wedge of wood or plastic that has the thin end thin enough to fit under the door isn’t fancy. It is easy to find cheap doorstops. However, sometimes homeowners, people who live in apartments, want creative doorstops. This may be especially true for teachers, as they may want creative doorstops for their classrooms. Here are five of the most creative doorstops.

Wedge of Cheese

Nobody wants to invite wild mice or wild rats into the house. However, a creative doorstop is one that looks like a wedge of cheese. This cheese is yellow and has holes in it. Of course, it looks like the designs of cheese we see with cartoon mice and on cheese hats. However, no cheese is yellow with holes. Swiss cheese is white. That doesn’t mean the doorstop isn’t creative.

Religious Doorstop

For those people who want to have a decoration to show their Christian faith (or if they are into killing vampires), there is a doorstop that looks like a cross. Not only will it hold open the door, but it is made to hang on the door once the door is closed.

Loose Leaf

While a package of loose leaf paper could be used as a doorstop, that’s not the idea here. Instead, this doorstop looks like a leaf from outside. If the door leads outside, using the loose leaf doorstop makes it look like the leaf drifted down from outside. Nature lovers can use them inside, too.


An artist may love using Tube for a doorstop. The doorstops come in different colors and look like tubes of paint. Visitors may be concerned that paint is going to splatter all over the floor until they realize that the tube is not a tube of paint, but a doorstop.


Another doorstop and artist may love is Splat. Visitors won’t be concerned that paint is going to get on the floor. Instead, the doorstop makes it look like paint is already on the floor. However, the doorstop is raised, so there is no mistake that paint needs to be cleaned.


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