5 Cooking Products Every Busy Mom Needs

She has the house sparkling clean. She puts a three-course, five-star dinner on the table by 5 pm. The kids are home-schooled and well-behaved. A homemade pie fills the house with a heavenly aroma every night. Best of all, she maintains a vibrant social life, and then she wakes up. Here in reality, moms may be amazing, but they’re also human and very busy. Being awake doesn’t change that the house needs to be cleaned, dinner needs to be cooked, the kids need to be taken care of, and at some point for sanity’s sake, you need some time for you. While it may only be a small step towards an easier day, there are some great cooking products out there for busy moms to cut cooking time.

1. Crock-pots

Quite possibly the most awesome cooking invention on the planet, next to fire and the stove, crock-pots rock socks. On days where I know I’ll be extra busy or plan to be gone most of the day, I start a crock-pot meal early in the morning. That way when it’s dinner time, everyone is hungry, and I’m left going, “Uh, oh yeah, dinner.” All I have to do is let it cool-down and serve it. As far as cooking products for busy moms, crock-pots top the list. You can make just about anything in a crock-pot. If you don’t have one, get one.

2. Waffle makers

I didn’t think I’d really use a waffle maker. Pancakes aren’t exactly hard to make, but after receiving one as a gift, I changed my mind. Breakfast is one of those meals that can be easy to skip because of well, desire to sleep. With a waffle maker, you just mix up some Bisquick, eggs, and milk in a bowl, shut the led and call it breakfast. There’s no heating a griddle, oiling it, standing there flipping and watching to be sure they don’t burn. It takes all of 5 minutes, and I don’t know any kids that don’t like waffles. You can even use waffle makers to make desserts or grilled sandwiches.

3. Cast iron pans

Cast iron takes a little bit to get used to cooking with, however, in terms of clean-up, attention required not to burn dishes, and multi-use cooking products, they are indispensible. They hold heat and apply it in an even manner, while being versatile enough to be taken straight from the stove and put in the oven. Clean up is as easy as boiling them out and letting them dry. Not to mention cast iron pans make the most amazing grilled cheese sandwiches ever'”in minutes.

4. Standing mixers

You’d be surprised how helpful having a machine hold and stir your food is, and how much time it saves. Standing mixers are a little on the expensive side, but if you’re busy often or have bad wrists, they pay for themselves in convenience. As an extra throw in, I stumbled upon a tiny gadget called a cocoa frother in a hot cocoa making kit. This hand-held tiny mixture is awesome for gravies. It makes them thick and creamy and without requiring constant stirring.

5. Rice cooker/ Steamer

Rice cookers can double up as vegetable steamers, and work great for making bases for stir-fries or rice based side dishes. Many of your basic rice pack sides'”cheddar broccoli, for example– taste amazing in a rice cooker and require no attention to cook leaving you free to do other things.

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