5 Commonly Misdiagnosed Illnesses and Diseases

Doctors don’t always get the right diagnosis when they check out a patient. In fact, mistakes are commonly made for certain diseases that aren’t as common as others. Misdiagnosed illnesses can be a major problem for patients more than anyone else. It can cost a person tens of thousands of dollars extra or can even cost them their lives. So then, here are some commonly misdiagnosed illnesses.

Celiac Disease

Unfortunately, celiac disease shares so many different symptoms with other problems. A person might never learn that they are a celiac if they are diagnosed with some other syndrome or sickness. The majority of people with this digestive issue have no idea that they have it because doctors have only recently begun recognizing the disease regularly. Obviously, that poses a huge risk for patients that are celiacs because the disease can lead to intestinal cancer. Most cases go undiagnosed, but awareness for this issue increases each year as gluten-free lifestyles become more popular and more people are diagnosed as celiacs.

Asperger’s Syndrome

Basically, Asperger’s is a lot like a less severe form of autism, which means that is isn’t as commonly diagnosed as much of anything. Most parents and even some doctors will just say that a child is a bit socially awkward or obsessive (two symptoms of Asperger’s), but the child won’t actually be diagnosed with anything. For the most part, Asperger’s doesn’t require medication and can go away on its own over the years, so it isn’t necessarily a major health issue if a child goes undiagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Heart Attack

It might seem odd that a heart attack could go undiagnosed, but a person could easily fail to recognize the symptoms of a heart attack. Of course, the movies show people gripping their chests and falling over, but that doesn’t always happen in that manner. Symptoms of a heart attack include a general lousy feeling and nausea – among others. It is easy to look past a heart attack if a patient doesn’t have any increased risk of a heart attack or something similar. Therefore, heart attacks do go undiagnosed and can be quite troublesome if not treated.

Thyroid Problems

A problem with the thyroid gland can cause the body to go haywire in many different ways. Unfortunately, that also means that a thyroid problem can be diagnosed as something completely different. Thyroid problems can even cause other issues, so you might be properly diagnosed for an issue that is unknowingly being caused by the thyroid. In that case, you might be getting treated for a small problem, but the thyroid problem won’t go away until it is targeted as the culprit of everything else.


Depression is on the rise throughout the world, so it shouldn’t be surprising that doctors sometimes misdiagnose it. In reality, depression can have profound effects on the human body that can cause plenty of other problems. A doctor might not even think about depression if you have certain other symptoms. On that note, you might not even think about depression if you don’t feel an overall sense of “being down or sad”. Still, many misdiagnosed illnesses end up leading back to depression as the overall cause.

It happens, but it doesn’t mean that you have been wrongly diagnosed.

Sure, misdiagnosed illnesses happen all the time, but that doesn’t mean that you are suffering from some unknown problem. The chances are still high that your doctor is spot-on with his or her diagnosis, assuming that you don’t have some rare or undetectable disease. In the end, you shouldn’t panic about your diagnosis if your symptoms start improving. Paranoia can be a really bad thing for you.

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