5 Charlotte Area Farmer’s Markets for Your Family to Visit

If you’re looking for some family fun this summer, check out some of the Charlotte area farmer’s markets. Not only can you use the experience to educate your children on local agriculture, you can also use the experience to teach your children about the many varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables that are available. Make the experience a fun outing, and let each child choose a new fruit or vegetable to take home to try. This is a great way to get kids to eat fruits and vegetables.

The Charlotte area has several farmer’s markets that you can try:

The Charlotte Regional Farmer’s Market. This market is one of five markets owned by the State of North Carolina and operated by The North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Human Services. Not only does this market host a variety of in-season fresh fruits and vegetables, you can also find other items as well. Some of these items are grass fed beef, ostrich and emu meat, homemade jams and jellies, fresh goat milk cheese and soap, homemade crafts, fresh flowers, and bedding plants. There is actually a Greenery Shed as well as a Craft Barn. I used to go here a lot when my kids were younger, and let them pick out some plants to plant and take care of. They absolutely loved doing this.

King’s Drive Farmer’s Market. This market is on a large lot located on King’s Drive. It has a variety of fresh product to choose from as well as some other homemade goodies. During the fall and winter, the lot sells pumpkins and Christmas trees — another fun outing for the family!

Matthews Community Farmer’s Market. This market is open year-round in the historic district of downtown Matthews. According to their website, they are the “largest, most diverse produce-only farmer’s market in the greater Charlotte area.” Everything they sell was either grown, raised, or made within 50 miles of Matthews.

Mint Hill Farmer’s Market. This market is like a little village. It’s a great place to stroll, browse, and shop. You will find areas called Farmer’s Market, Crafter’s Field, Baker’s Row, Farmer’s Corner, and Gardener’s Alley. The market is located in the Carl J. McEwen Historic Village, and there are museums open to stroll through as well.

The Bradford Store. This market, located in Huntersville, is an indoor farmer’s market. Their produce is grown organically right from their own garden. Other items include homemade soaps and candles, home-made bread, dairy products, salsa, ground beef, fresh NC grown apples, and fresh apple cider.

Spending a leisurely Saturday at one of the above Charlotte area markets will be an eye-opening, fun experience for your family. Make it a weekly outing for everyone to look forward to.