5 Casual iPad Games that Are Absolutely Perfect for Female Gamers

The iPad is a great tablet that features so many games that it can rival any handheld video game platform and if you’re a female gamer that enjoys casual games, you’ll definitely want to check out these fun games.

Words with Friends – $2.99

Words with Friends is very similar to the board game classic, Scrabble, but with Facebook integration, having the ability to play multiple games, all while honing your vocabulary makes Words with Friends a must have iPad app for casual game lovers. Games in Words with Friends can last days and the fun never ends as you dust everyone in your friend’s list with your word prowess.

Plants vs. Zombies HD – $6.99

Plants vs. Zombies HD is an award winning top selling tower defense game that can be found on nearly all gaming platforms, but the screen size and touch screen capabilities of the iPad make Plants vs. Zombies HD a perfect fit on the Apple tablet. Plants vs. Zombies HD is an addicting and fun game that shows that if you treat your garden right, you can protect your home from anything.

Angry Birds – $0.99

Angry Birds is likely the most popular gaming app on nearly all tablets and smartphones and is a must have casual game to own on the iPad. Angry Birds is a bird launching pig bursting puzzle game and as you progress through the levels, you’ll unlock new birds (with new abilities) and more complex levels. Angry Birds has been a smash hit on mobile devices and with its constant updates and online community; Angry Birds is iPad app that all female gamers will love.

Flight Control HD – $4.99

Flight Control HD was one of those popular apps that I didn’t get at first ‘” mostly because it looks boring ‘” but when you actually play Flight Control HD, you’re sure to discover what all the fuss is about. What starts off as a very simple flight direction game turns into an addicting and challenging fun experience over the course of the first few levels. Flight Control HD is the perfect blend between simple, fun, and challenging and is a low priced app that’ll deliver hours of fun play.

Any TeamLava Story Game – Free

If you’re a woman or girl looking for a free good time on your iPad, look no further than any game created by TeamLava. Games like Restaurant Story, Fashion Story, Bakery Story, Farm Story, Nightclub Story, Zoo Story, and others are cute real-time games ‘” reminiscent of Farmville or Diner Dash ‘” that are addictive, fun, and can even be enjoyed with friends.