5 Cartoons that Are Bad for Kids

Most everybody wants to protect their kids from sex, violence, and profanity. Years ago, you would never have a problem censoring cartoons. These days, cartoons can be just as mature as an R rated movie. Here are some television cartoons that you should consider keeping your child from watching.

Family Guy

Family guy is a raunchy show intended for older audiences. While it is a funny show, there are jokes and innuendos that are bad for kids.

South Park

South park is a cartoon that has been around for years. The show always aims for the shock factor for views. They achieved that in the beginning by the mature content, religious topics, and culture stabs. They have since moved on to take on trending topics. Each of the show’s characters still retain their bad language, and the content has shifted to trending topics.

American Dad

American dad was created by Seth Mcfarlane, the same creator for family guy. The show’s artwork and character design are similar to Family Guy. American dad is not as mature as Family Guy, but some episodes still borderline Family Guy’s jokes and content.

Super Jail

Super jail is a cartoon that only airs on Cartoon Network’s late night line up on Adult Swim. If your kid tends to stay up late, be careful about what is on. He may tell you he is watching Cartoon Network, but Adult Swim airs cartoons that are inappropriate for kids. Super Jail is a show that is oddly designed. It seems that its main audience is for somebody under the influence. The beginning of an episode will seem to start normal, but halfway through, any story is completely lost and the rest of an episode can be a series of flashing light, changing shapes, and ambiguous detail. This is a bad cartoon for kids to watch. Small children may be subject to have small seizures, and the flashing lights in this show plus the dark room they’ll watch it from, is not a good mix.

Happy Tree Friends

Happy tree friends contain a lot of graphic violence and death. It started as an internet show. It has since then gained popularity and has been shown at comic con in 2006. Some of the episodes have aired on the G4 network around midnight. MTV and Comedy central have also aired the show. Happy Tree Friends can mostly be
found on Netflix. Fall Out Boy’s music video, “Carpel Tunnel of Love” is an episode of happy tree friends.

These are 5 cartoons that you should consider before you let your child watch them. Think about what kinds of values you are trying to instill in them. You may have to wait until they are older to handle the mature content in these shows.