5 Business Gifts that Won’t Get Thrown Away

Most of us enjoy buying gifts for friends and family members. We like to present those we care about with gifts that are meaningful or will be useful to them. But when it comes to picking out business gifts, all of a sudden gift giving starts to feel like a chore.

It’s not that we don’t value our relationships with business associates. It’s that we don’t usually have personal relationships with these people, so it can be very difficult to choose the right gift. It’s often tempting to just pick up the first thing you see and get it over with.

That’s why so many business gifts end up in the trash, donated to charity or passed on to someone else. While it’s always the thought that counts, useless gifts just don’t make a very good impression. A gift should let the recipient know that you value his or her contributions enough to select something special. Here are five ideas for business gifts that will not be thrown away, put in the charity donation box or easily forgotten.

1. Food – Gourmet goodies are always a hit with business associates. Who can resist a box of luscious chocolates? If you’re buying for an entire office, a gourmet gift basket or a couple of tasty cheesecakes are sure to put a smile on everyone’s faces at a relatively low cost to you.

2. Office supplies – The idea of giving office supplies as business gifts may sound silly at first, but it’s actually not a bad one. Those who work in an office can certainly use them. A pack of copier paper might not go over very well, but how about an engraved pen and pencil set or a stylish desk organizer?

3. Flash drives – Flash drives are small and inexpensive, yet infinitely useful. They’re used by everyone from students to charity workers to CEOs. To add a special touch, you can have them engraved with a special message. Or have them customized with your company’s logo for a little free advertising!

4. Gift cards – Gift cards to popular stores or restaurants are perfect business gifts for those you don’t know very well. They allow the recipient to pick out something that they enjoy, taking the pressure off of you. Just remember to make sure that there is a location in the recipient’s area before you buy, and you’ll be good to go.

5. Donation gifts – Making a donation to charity in someone’s name is one of the most thoughtful business gifts you can give. And with TisBest’s charity gift cards, you can even let the recipient choose the charity that means the most to them. And they’re available in low denominations, so you can give charity gift cards to your entire staff and still stay within your gift giving budget!