5 Best Pay Lakes in Indiana

Pay lakes are usually privately owned lakes where the owners keep the lakes or ponds well stocked with carp and cat fish and allow the public to fish there for a price. Each pay lake will usually have their own set of rules, so I suggest contacting them if you intend to fish there. Here are some of the best pay lakes in Indiana and what they have to offer.

HUBBARDS SOUTH LAKES – located in Mooresville, Indiana this is one of the best in the entire state as well as one of the cleanest pay lakes in the state. Hubbards is located on Old State Road 144 in the central part of the state so it is easily a day trip for anyone in the state. Besides fishing, they offer camping and concessions as well as a great play area for kids. This lake is very family friendly and encourages children to play and fish.

WHEELER LAKE- located in Farmville, Indiana on West 100 North this pay lake offers three ponds or lakes to fish from. The ponds are stocked with catfish, bass, carp, and bluegill for anglers to catch while there. Wheeler Lake usually opens April 1st and allows overnight tent camping for all who come there to fish.

RAINBOW PAY LAKE– located in Derby, Indiana on State Road 70 and is a really nice pay lake. The unique thing about Rainbow Lake is that it is highly handicapped accessible and offers rainbow trout. This lake is also family friendly and offers fishing that the family will enjoy.

CLEAR VIEW PAY LAKE– located in Henryville, Indiana on Beagle Club Road has two lakes from which anglers can fish. The small lake is stocked weekly and the larger lake is stocked with blue cats and flatheads. This used to be known as Coomer’s Lake, but is now owned by new people and seems to be better managed and cleaner now.

CATFISH CHARLIES– located in Elizabethtown,Indiana on County Road 900 North outside of Columbus, Indiana is a well known pay lake to anglers from Indiana. They also open April 1 each year and are a family oriented lake. The lake offers a picnic area and families are more than welcome to come spend the entire day at the lake and children are welcomed to fish as well.

Pay lakes are usually a great place for beginner fishermen as they are almost always guaranteed that they will catch something. They offer a great activity for families in the summer and I highly recommend that if you do not live in Indiana that you check into the pay lakes that are in your state by doing a Google search.

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