5 Best Etsy Shops for Cute Vintage Dresses

Summer means bare legs, but for the vintage-minded, it usually doesn’t mean shorts. Thankfully, there are lots of cute vintage dresses on Etsy that will look great this summer. Here are 5 great Etsy shops that sell adorable vintage dresses that are ready to be worn.

Vintagous. This stellar Etsy shop has a cute selection of dresses that are perfect for a warm summer’s day. The dresses range from all colors to all styles, but the yellow vintage dresses are particularly cute. Prices range from $10 on sale to $50 for dresses with more fabric. The shop regularly has sale items and also sells accessories that will look great with your new vintage dress. The shop owner, who is from New Jersey, is an artist. Many of her wares are from her seamstress grandmother or from Germany.

Elle n’ Blythe Vintage. This dress-focused Etsy store has styles to suit all vintage girls. Many of the dresses are simple, floral and cost about $10, which makes them great for the budget conscious. They are made of breathable materials and are easier to wear every day than some more formal vintage styles. The owner is very focused on recycling and caring for excellent vintage pieces. Items ship from Malaysia, so be prepared for a bit of a wait in shipping time.

Jantiques. Vintage styles, formal and informal, are abound at the Jantiques Etsy store. The store focuses on styles from the 50s to the 80s, many of which have great hemlines and prices from $30 to $150. However, if you are in need of a formal vintage dress, you will find it at Jantiques. Most of the items are in near-perfect condition and come without stains or rips. The store also focuses on antique jewelry, much of which would look great with the dresses.

Mae Jean Vintage. If you’re in love with the 1980s, Mae Jean is for you. While she doesn’t have an extensive collection of dresses, what she does have are some terrific 1980s pieces. Quite a few of the dresses are easily wearable on a day-to-day basis, but she also sells some formal and prom dresses. Most of the dresses cost about $20 and are in excellent condition. The shop’s mantra is all about affordable vintage clothing and accessories.

Majik Horse. This shop has a great selection of 1960s and 1970s hippie dresses. While the dresses can be a bit pricey at $40 and up, the store does run sales and offers coupon codes. Appropriately, these dresses ship from Woodstock, NY. The owner, who is an artist on a farm, also makes reconstructed vintage velvet embroidered hippie fairy coats and patchwork velvet, which she sells in the store.

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